BMBW at The Bush Project

Savannah Shinske front board in the BMBW Upshot

The annual creative pop up park extravaganza known as The Project popped up again last week in Sugarbush Vermont. The BMBW crew was on hand to experience the culmination of Sugarbush and Snowboy Production’s hard work and brain power for The Bush Project. MMMedia crew rolled in deep with Tim Zimmerman and Sean Lucey who were joined by the likes of Brandon Reis, Naima Antolin, Ted Borland, Lily Calabrese, Tucker Andrews, Savannah Shinske, Dylan Orkurowski, Joey Leon, LJ Twombly and more. The four day session consistently ramped up in to a fever pitch of creative expression and heavy metal hammers. Lucey stacked clips for an upcoming BMBW women’s edit and Zim made magic of the entire thing. Check out the gallery below and the official Snowboy edit playing now! Look for even more #TheBushProject content next fall!

Tim Zimmerman gallery:

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Safety Shred Days with Victor Daviet & Friends

Last week, the Safety Shred Days event organized by rider Victor Daviet took place in Arêches Beaufort, France. The four-day event was based around avalanche safety awareness, preparation and readiness.

On the first day, 686, Salomon, Smith and Dakine invited some lucky retailers for a unique experience comprised of night riding, avalanche classes and workshops.


Day two was snow club day. Almost 45 kids from the neighboring ski resorts came to learn mountain safety skills and preparedness from Victor and other world-class guides. It was a perfect opportunity for these kids to share a moment with Victor and learn from his snowboarding experience and passion.

The final two days of the event were open to the public. More than 100 eager people registered and came to the avalanche safety workshops taught by Johan Gaume, the Anena and Arêches Beaufort ski patrol experts.

The Safety Shred days concluded with a day spent riding on the mountain with Victor and a banked slalom shaped by HO5. Snow pros Mat Crepel, Arthur Longo and Thomas Delfino were also on hand to support Victor and enjoy the good times shared throughout the day.



Thanks to Victor and all the event sponsors for organizing such an awesome initiative and for teaching all of us how to be safe out there while doing the things that make us feel alive. Cheers!

Photos: Remi Petit @remipetitfoto

686, Salomon, Dakine, Addicted Shop, Smith, Nixon, The James Brand, BCA, PAG, The Roster, HO5 and Ski Resort Areches Beaufort 

BMBW at Baldface

The Bent Metal Binding Works crew finds themselves nestled in the lap of powder luxury at the legendary Baldface Lodge cat boarding operation. Speaking of legends Jamie Lynn pretty much lives at Baldface and sets the stage for this episode of our ongoing Binding Works series. This is a little real life dose of what it feels like to be out with this crew, spoiler alert it’s just like being out with your crew, jokes, spills, thrills, chills and magical moments. Jamie, Matt Cummins, Austen Sweetin, Dave Marx and Tucker Andrews get busy living in one of the best places to feel alive in this Sean Lucey / MMMedia edit. Get out there strap in and go, binding works!/p>

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