A Day in Oceanside, CA, with Axel Cruysberghs + Collin Provost

Ride along with Axel Cruysberghs as he takes us through his (new) hometown of Oceanside, CA, meeting up with Collin Provost as they skate the local park, surf the local break, and grab some pizza nearby.

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GTXX: Down South In Hell

Volcom is celebrating 20 years of skateboarding with Grant Taylor!

GT has been on Volcom for 20 years and we thought it would be fitting to showcase his progress and growth throughout the years as part of the Volcom Stone. As told by his friends and family.

This collection celebrates Volcom working with Atlanta born team rider Grant Taylor for 20 years.  Inspired by Grant’s youthful memories of his earliest days with Volcom, this graphic collection utilizes Volcom’s bold organic hand built  art style of the 90’s. In addition, synonymous  with the name Grant Taylor in the skateboard industry is his personal handle, “Down South In Hell” seen throughout the collection along with either 98-18 or XX symbolizing his 20 years riding for VOLCOM.

Down South In Hell

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The Grant Taylor Story

Grant Taylor’s beginnings start in Atlanta, Georgia, son of Thomas Taylor, a local ATL Skate Pro and skateshop owner of “Stratosphere”, Grant was born into skateboarding. Legend has it that Volcom’s now Vice President of Skateboarding, Remy Stratton, held Grant as a newborn baby while passing through the south on a skate tour visiting Thomas at his home. Grant and Volcom’s story starts a few years later at the young age of six. In the beginning, Thomas kept Remy up to speed with Grant’s progress on the skateboard by sending the occasional VHS tape package over to the Volcom offices. Remy says; “ Grant was a natural from day one and the VolcomXG.T. relationship occurred naturally as well”.  A few VHS tapes later, while Thomas and Grant were attending the Surf Expo trade show in Florida, the whole Volcom crew got to see Grant’s talent in person on the vert ramp which was located directly in front of Volcom’s booth. Volcom immediatley embraced the Taylor’s into the family. Grant has been riding for Volcom ever since.

Fully rev’d with no signs of stopping

Grant’s dad Thomas even admitted that he thought Grant was just going through a childhood phase with skateboarding, but somewhere in his pre-teens he felt his “talent needed to be addressed.” In addition to Volcom he later found a spot on the coveted Alien Workshop board company. It was all about this time when Grant started taking the opportunity to start traveling and skating the rest of the world. As Volcom teammate Collin Provost explains “it was during the first filming trips of (Volcom’s) Chichagof where we started going on our first real (not just trade shows and contests) trips together.” Since then Grant has been all over the world multiple times, skating some of the best spots and skateparks around the globe.

Grant Taylor and Jason Dill during the Alien Workshop days

This is just the first 20 years

Grant shows no signs of stopping. He plans on skating and traveling as long as he can. This look back on the first 20 years of his career with Volcom is a testament to his unwavering passion for skateboarding and Volcom is equally excited to continue the journeys where ever the energy pulls us. We look forward to many more years of skateboarding with Grant Taylor, Thrasher Magazine’s Jake Phelps put it best “Skate Rats forever!”

A lookback on some of Grant’s Volcom ad’s

Volcom Road Rager – “Larry vs. The Kid”

Over the course of three trips and well over 3,000 miles

the Volcom Road Rager went across the entire coast of Florida, from Vancouver down to Boise, ID and Montreal to Chicago, IL. With a star studded cast of shredders including Axel Cruysberghs, Grant Taylor, Collin Provost, Jackson Pilz, Arto Saari, Omar Hassan, Milton Martinez, CJ Collins, Simon Bannerot, Chris Pfanner, Alec Majerus, Louie Lopez and Henry Gartland, there was plenty of footage logged! Watch the video above and check the photos below, dont forget to check the article from the January 2019 issue of Thrasher Magazine as well!

Who’s Larry? And who’s the kid?

After a long day of skating Omar Hassan turns into his alter ego, Larry who is some how even more fun to be around then Omar. The kid is CJ Collins, because well, he’s literally a kid. They’ve known each other since Omar first met CJ back at the Vans skatepark in Orange, CJ’s memory is foggy, but we’ve narrowed it down to sometime around when he was 8 years old. Since then they’ve been on multiple trips together and has created a very unique relationship. Imagine when you were 14 years old, you had so much energy and it all needed to go into something. For CJ, it goes into torturing Omar, especially on those long drives in the bus. Everything you could imagine from wet willies to a soccer ball to the head, CJ doesn’t hold back! Omar, or Larry, doesn’t let it go either, he’s gotten back at CJ just as bad. A friendly headlock would put CJ back in line anytime!


CROSSPOLLUTION is a potent mixture of Volcom’s Snowboarding and Skateboard teams into a concentrated potion full of high voltage hammers, hijinx and everything in between.  Following up the 2017 incipient release of CROSSPOLLUTION, we did it again, but this time piled the boys in the Van and set out across the Western US hitting Ski resorts and skate spots on a full blown #CP2OUR.

Following last years initial CROSSPOLLUTION mash up we put snow ambassadors Lenny Mazzotti, Reid Smith, Cody Warble, Benny Milam, Mike Ravelson, Scott Blum and Jack Harrold in the van with skate ambassadors CJ Collins, Henry Gartland, Alec Majerus and Axel Cruysberghs traversing from the top of the best ski resorts the western coast has to offer down to the grittiest skate spots in the high desert.

Lenny, Cody, Reid, Rav, Jack, CJ, Alec, Henry and Benny at the summit of Snowbird

Alec Majerus dropping a Cross Polluted Tre bomb (in snow boots!) in the Parking Lot of Boreal/Woodward Tahoe

Alec takes the 360 flip over the trash can at Vegas’ legendary Desert West Skatepark, no snow boots this time though!


Lenny Mazzotti on fire the whole tour, his home court was no exception. Back lip at Snow Summit, CA in his L Gore Tex Jacket and pants.

Thriller Cody Warble greasing up the dance floor with a Micheal Jackson Slide in the Forest Trail Park of the Mammoth Unbound.

Axel Cruysberghs nosegrinds over the gap in Vegas.

Scott Blum took us to this DIY in Vegas that was just getting started. CJ Collins going straight off the top rope!
Henry Gartland was grushing everything! BS flip at Vegas’ Desert West Skatepark

Henry Garland getting at one of nature’s Hubba ledges at Snowbird UT.

With any chance to get inverted, Benny Milam puts his own spin on the Method-ology jump at Brighton Utah.

Reid Smith aka the Chimp swinging around the MTB park at Snow Summit CA.

Alec Majerus nosgrinding in a dusty ditch in Reno, NV.
Breaking up the drive in Elko, NV, CJ Collins puts down a noseblunt during golden hour

CJ Collins with the ol’ rope duck to roof ollie at Snowbird UT.

Jack Harold rips on the mountains but can also throw down on the streets! Nosegrind in Las Vegas, NV

Pat Moore couldn’t help but to hop on tour for a stop to show the boys around for Sierra- At – Tahoe.

Henry Gartland put alot of tricks down in his Deadly Stones pullover

this kickflip in a Reno, NV ditch came way too easy!

The Tahoe Welcoming Committee.

Theres always some sort of hijinx to be had! Benny and Lenny riding a different 4 wheeled vehicle

Read even MORE over at SnowboarderMag.com!

Photos: Mark Clavin / Snowboarder Magazine, Ethan Stone and Daniel Cabral

Words and Edit: Seth Huot

Top 10 Moments from the Volcom Pipe Pro, 2010-2018

Nail-bitting finishes, crowd-pleasing 10s, heavy wipeouts and more make the list

As we gear up for the 10th Annual Volcom Pipe Pro, we take a look back at some of the most exciting, shocking, and downright entertaining moments from the Volcom Pipe Pro. Beginning in 2010 with the first win going to Pipeline local boy Jamie O’Brien and last year’s win going to Oahu’s Josh Moniz, there has been major upsets, multiple repeat winners, and tons of heavy wipeouts. Scroll below for our Top 10 picks. Don’t see one that should’ve made the cut? Let us know on Instagram→ @volcomsurf.


#10 – Lei day freesurf


One of the greatest lei day free surfs in recent history. Though there are some awesome waves in this video, they were gathered throughout the entire day. The good waves were actually few and far between and there was nowhere near enough consistency to run back-to-back heats.


#9 – Kelly Slater scores perfect 10 at Backdoor during the finals


Kelly Slater kicking off the Volcom Pipe Pro 2015 final with a smaller, but tricky Backdoor barrel, racing his way through the tube and exiting just before closing out behind him.


#8 – Noa Deane takes out 4x Volcom Pipe Pro Champ, John John Florence


Newcomer to Pipeline, Noa Deane, takes out 4x Volcom Pipe Pro champ, John John Florence, in challenging conditions. While it wasn’t your typical Pipeline, Noa was able to snag a clean one to secure his spot in the next round.


#7 – Jamie O’Brien scores a perfect 10 with a double barrel at Pipe


Jamie O’Brien surprising the crowd with a double barrel at Pipeline to earn himself a perfect 10-point ride.


#6 – Day 1 carnage, wipeouts, and water washing through the contest site. Dave Wassel talks about all the excitement


Huge surf, wash-throughs, crazy wipeouts from Derek Ho, Tom Dosland, Morgan Faulkner, and a serious injury that leaves Stephen Koehne being carried from the water


#5 – Leo Fioravanti spinal injury in his first heat


Leo Fioravanti suffers a massive wipeout when he tries to take off super late and knife it into a Pipeline bomb, consequently being slammed to the bottom of the reef and compressing his body to sustain a fractured L1 spinal injury.


#4 – Makai McNamara fearless on a Pipe bomb


During the entire event, Makai McNamara, suffering wipeouts and all, was committed to going on the biggest waves. And as a respected surfer out at Pipeline, we knew he had more to show us. During the semifinals this year, Makai turns on definitely the biggest Pipe wave of the event and rides out effortlessly.


#3 – Cam Richards’ performance


Cam Richards stole the show throughout the event at the 2018 Volcom Pipe Pro with multiple high-scoring rides and crowd pleasers. If you didn’t know who Cam Richards was before this event, you definitely knew after.


#2 – Kelly Slater ollies down the face and commits to a no-hands barrel


Kelly Slater bags one of his best waves during the ’13/’14 Hawaii season during this heat at the Volcom Pipe Pro. Taking off super left at Pipeline, he airdrops into a perfect 10-point ride. Mason Ho calling it “one of the sickest waves he’s seen at Pipeline.”


#1 – John John Florence steals win from Jamie O’Brien with 17 seconds left in the final


The most iconic heat in Volcom Pipe Pro history. With under 20 seconds to go in the final, and Jamie O’Brien holding the lead, John John Florence sees a Backdoor gem of a wave on the horizon and scores an epic barrel to claim the title.


Who will take the crown at the 2019 Volcom Pipe Pro? Will it be 4x VPP champ, John John Florence, 11x World Champ, Kelly Slater, or possibly a newcomer looking to earn his respect at the Banzai Pipeline? Stay tuned to live webcast for all the action beginning on January 29!

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Laurent De Martin 2018 Season Edit

Our favorite Swiss skier, Laurent De Martin, recently pieced together a 2018 highlight reel with all of his footage shot by Level 1 Productions from their latest film, Zig Zag. Watch LDM as he showcases his unmatched style and riding versatility in the park, on the streets, and in the powdery backcountry.  

Footage Courtesy of Level 1

Edited by Titouan Bessire

How Our GORE-TEX® Jackets & Pants Are Tested

We all know GORE-TEX®  has set the gold standard for waterproof and breathable fabric technology on the market today, but are you aware of the testing process that goes on behind the scenes before a GORE product hits the market?
 For those of you who don’t know how the GORE-TEX® membrane works, here is a short description to fill you in. The GORE-TEX® membrane is created as a series of pores. Each pore is 20,000 times smaller than a water drop, yet large enough for vapor to pass through. This creates the ultimate membrane for keeping the inside of your garment dry while still allowing moisture and perspiration to pass through, effectively regulating your body temperature while keeping you comfortable inside your jacket or pants. 686 GORE-TEX® fabrics guarantee you will stay dry and warm in any condition, for the life of your garment. With all these guarantees to keep you warm, dry, and comfortable, substantial testing must be done on each GORE fabric and product. Now is your chance to learn about the testing that goes on behind the scenes.

The Rain Room Test 


GORE-TEX® uses an in-house weather room to test the waterproofing of their fabrics. Their state of the art testing facility is designed to simulate a multitude of rain conditions that you could potentially face in the outdoors. The Rain Room uses custom engineered rain nozzles strategically positioned to produce rain conditions ranging from a light drizzle to a heavy down poor. If our products do not hold up to this test they are returned until they are able to meet all of GORE’s quality standards.

The Martindale Test

 All GORE-TEX® fabrics are designed to withstand heavy weather conditions and handle a beating. To simulate these types of conditions and uses for which GORE-TEX® products are intended, the Martindale Test grinds wool or sandpaper against the fabric repeatedly with variable pressure depending on how tough the particular GORE fabric is designed to be. This aggressive test continues until GORE-TEX® validates the strength of the fabric.

The Cold Flex Test

GORE’s Cold Flex Test puts their fabric through ranging temperatures all while stretching and compressing the fabric for a significant amount of time. In order to pass, the GORE-TEX® fabric must survive this strenuous test and be ready to be used for its intended purpose. 

Our Athlete Test

While GORE-TEX® puts their fabrics through the wringer to ensure it upholds their quality standards, they also test our GORE-TEX® products and fabrics in-house to validate comfort, heat regulation and breathability. Once our fabrics and products are approved by GORE-TEX®, we take human trial a step further and test our GORE products with our athletes in a variety of locations and conditions to ensure our customers are getting the very best fit, weatherproofing, warmth and breathability expected from our GORE-TEX® Collection. 

Our GORE-TEX® Fabrics & Products

It’s important to note that not all GORE-TEX® fabrics are created equal. All 686 GORE-TEX® products made with our  2-layer stretch or 2-layer GORE-TEX® membranes are adhered to a highly durable nylon face fabric. This nylon exterior was strategically chosen for its tough face to ensure your jacket or pants last longer. This creates a better investment for you and also less waste in landfills over time.