New Music Friday | Ian Post There & Back Again Playlist

We have spent a ton of time with Ian Post over the last few years, from producing the first full length 686 movie ever, to simply riding Mt Baker and enjoying the mountains we call home. He shot us over a recent playlist he’s been listening to while editing some new videos for us for this coming season. If you’re kicking back or out and about this spring, follow Ian’s playlist for access to it whenever you’re in the mood for some new tunes.

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Return to Form directed by Ian Post follows Brett Esser, Matt Wainhouse, Sammy Luebke, Phil Jacques, Victor Daviet & more through three different experiences in the west. The 686 short film was shot at Woodward Copper, Mt Baker, and Mammoth Mountain.

Directed by Ian Post @lifeafterhours

Cinematography + Editing: Afterhours

Additional Cinematography: Josh Jarvis, Gary Milton, Brad Andrew Cover 

The Phil Hansen Pro Part

We are thrilled to announce the elevation of one of board sport’s most all terrain ATV slayers Phil Hansen to the professional ranks with his inaugural Philbutt Pro board on Lib Tech Skate! MMMedia master lensman Sean Lucey has been working with Phil for the past year creating a video part worthy of this occasion. It doesn’t take long to understand the depth of Phil’s talent, it’s truly ALL terrain. Starting back at Southpark’s portals and shooting out along the ley lines of Seattle and surrounding NW streets Phil leaves his mark. Together Phil and Lucey create a brutal combo of expert filming and no hesitation chomp leaving a trail of scorched battlements in their wake.

Lib Tech Skate presents the Phil Butt Pro

The Philbutt Pro in 8″ and 8.38″ – Art by Ben Lardy

When Phil Hansen first got on Lib it was clear he was a cheek above the rest. On his first Lib Tech trips he was the butt of most jokes but now he’s put that in his rear… view mirror. Phil doesn’t just haul ass under a full moon, baby’s got back to back tricks that make em clap! Phil knows how to spread his approach from pool coping to kink rails to parks to curbs (most of it backside). He’s no bum, he’s a hard worker who isn’t going to stay in the caboose any longer. Phil’s time is now with the release of his first board, the “Philbutt Pro”, a Mervin Made Cockroach Construction marvel featuring stunning maple bottom curves. This isn’t just junk in the trunk, this thing rips. Pants optional.

Lib Tech Skate Phil Hansen
Don’t touch my drum set, unless you nose slide
Phil Hansen for Lib Tech Skate
Libbed the ‘f out with a fresh PRO model
Phil Hansen with his new Lib Tech Skate Pro Model
Pro power will get me to the top of this sketchy bar
Phil Hansen smith grind
It worked. Crusty crustacean of a smith grind

Phil is a steadfast ruler who interprets all surroundings with an unrelenting attack of precision, power, style and a seemingly bottomless bag of tricks. That’s just the skater Phil. The dude Phil is a humble, kind, amazingly easygoing chap whom you’ll make friends with in a blink of an eye. He just wants to enjoy the battle, fire up the session and laugh at whatever obstacle is ahead. Phil’s got a stake in the collective stoke and a smile for your session whether you’re the number one charger, a mongo beginner or a 40 year old grom brushing off pressure flips. After the session it’s time for nature exploration, coffee on the jet boil, impromptu metal jazz, “Rash Paint” and without fail a swimming hole with an extremely white, naked, smiling Phil smack dab in the middle.

A few months back we surprised Phil with his pro model board at The Pavilion at Die Cut Stickers Dot Com. A BBQ / food bank fundraiser skate jam that turned in to a surprise pro party and video premiere for Phil. Vibes and crew were ALL TIME! Thanks DCS and The Pavilion for hosting!

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New Music Friday | Sammy Luebke Split Mission Mix

 3x Freeride World Tour Champ Sammy Luebke has been enjoying the offseason with this recent flurry of storms hitting his local mountains this spring. We were curious what Sammy’s been listening to while scoring some untracked lines on his recent split adventures. He shot us over a mix he’s had on repeat for the last couple weeks. Slam that Play button and follow the Champ’s playlist for access to it no matter where you wander this season.

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Mt. Baker Sesh Up 2019 Recap

Words:  Patrick McCarthy  Team Manager  @patrickmccarthy 

Every ski resort has its end of the season send-off. Some resorts do a pond skim, some hold a contest, and others do a retro riding day. As Mt. Baker’s season comes to a close, the local snowboarding and ski community send off the season with style. With pure blood, sweat, and tears, and no resort involvement or cat time, the motivated community grabbed their shovels and built a kicker for the annual Mt. Baker Sesh Up Event.

Team Rider Matt Wainhouse headed up to the mountain last Friday with a small crew to assemble the build. Waino, Cameron Hamilton, Max Dre, Brian Schaefer, and Jamie Baril all worked to stack the jump for Saturday. Big thanks to the crew for putting in the work and getting everything dialed for the event. 

“The Sesh Up has always been a fun gathering of die-hard skiers and boarders in the Northwest. During chairlift season, I don’t always get a chance to ride with many of these fellow rippers, but at this Sesh, everyone is invited. One cool thing about the Sesh Up is the iconic jump. Although big and intimidating for most, it is a relatively safe jump due to the terrain and slushy snow. We’ve luckily never had a major injury at the event and there have been plenty of hard spills over the years. Here’s to many more seasons of sending and walking away!” – Team Rider, Matt Wainhouse

These events give us all some closure to the winter season. This year marks my 20th year at the Mt. Baker Sesh Up. Over the years, the event has taken on many different forms. It started with just a couple locals wanting to make a big park jump since back in the day the resorts rarely had any. Next, it became a session for the core rippers. Now, the Mt. Baker community has embraced the fact that everyone wants a crack at hitting it and the session was opened to anyone willing to go big and send it. 

Time flies when your taking flight with your friends. Coming up and hitting this jump 20 years ago was one of the things that sold me on this place that I now call home. It’s hard to express how much joy it brings me seeing skiers and snowboarders still finding this place to be a mecca for expression and signing off the season with a bang! I can’t wait to get the drop in jitters again next year. 

Words:  Patrick McCarthy  Team Manager  @patrickmccarthy 

Photo Credit: Matt Wainhouse, Max Dre Djenohan, Patrick McCarthy

New Music Friday | Patrick McCarthy Midlife Crisis Hip-Hop Jams

  In the midst of his midlife crisis, Patrick McCarthy is trying to decide if he wants to continue his career as team manager or shoot for the stars and start his career as a hip-hop DJ. This week, Sarge sent us a hip-hop mix to put his DJ skills to the test. If you’re looking for a fresh hip-hop mix, follow Sarge’s playlist to access it while you’re taking those spring slush laps or kicking back with friends around the fire.

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Volcom Pink Hotel // Truly the Party of the Decade

If you’ve ever been to a house party that just felt like an absolutely magical and cosmic explosion of the best party people on the planet, when everyone feels so in it together, where you could dance your face off and drink icy cold beers while smiling ear to ear at the sheer awesomeness of it all…then you might have a slither of an idea of the epicness that was the #VolcomPinkHotel party!

We’ve been referring to it as The Party Of The Decade for a while now here at Volcom HQ cause we knew what was coming…and now the hangover has passed and all is done n’ dusted we feel 100% confident to let it go down in history as just that. We’re fully CLAIMING IT! With no doubt in our minds that it absolutely was… Let it be known, The Volcom Pink Hotel was officially the PARTY OF THE DECADE. JOB DONE.

Renee and Elisha Herbert
Akira Galaxy Ament at Volcom Pink Hotel Party

The stone clad gates of the Pink Hotel swung open at 12 noon and from that time the line to get in was bubbling and inside was absolutely popping off!

FREE beers from the legendary Young Henrys crew, live bands everywhere you looked – Sets from Noa Deans Band Blistar, Crum, Hell & Whisky and Hockey Dad totally slayed the rooftop with a DJ set that had everyone goin’ berko! The Volcom Skate team were shredding up the half pipe on the roof, All the Pro Surfers came to let their sun-bleached locks down.. Coco Ho came to boogie and had an epic posse of pros to share the dance floor with, even Stephanie Gilmore was seen doin’ the twist!

There was a moment where it felt as though we were all aligned and high on the Volcom vibes at the best place on earth, the sun was golden, the beers were kicking in, Hell & Whisky were ripping through a set on the roof and the party was bouncing and throwing around giant inflatable cans of Young Henry’s beers while partying over three levels of the incredible Pink Hotel! It was a party synergy like never seen before! People were in the surrounding streets and apartment blocks getting down with us it was mental!
A Truly Magic experience.

Check out the undeniable evidence of the Party Of The Decade in our party gallery below! See ya at the next one!!!


Jackson Pilz, Jesse “Red” Noonan, Axel Cruysberghs, CJ Collins and Simon Bannerot were ripping the ramp all day as the rooftop party raged on! Check all of the photos above and watch the video below for all the action!

Massive never-ending unmeasurable THANKS to our partners The Pink Hotel, Young Henry’s and our unstoppable Volcom Team that made this not just one for the history book but the Party that will be on the COVER OF THE HISTORY BOOK!

Photos by: Lugo, Daniel Cabral, Joel McDonald, Life Without Andy, Nathan Landers.

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Hockey Dad


New Music Friday | Gus Warbington Jazz Mix

Get your groove on this week with a jazz mix hand-crafted by Team Rider Gus Warbington. He gave us this compilation of songs he’s been frequently streaming on loop this season. Press play and give it a listen. If you like what you’re hearing follow Gdon’s playlist to access it wherever you are.

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Photo: @bradandrew 

New Music Friday | Elena Graglia Chill Vibes Playlist

 This week, Team Rider Elena Graglia crafted a playlist filled with tracks she’s vibing to amidst her spring sessions around home. If you’re looking for something new to kick back and listen to, pop-on your headphones and check out her Chill Vibes playlist. Follow Elena’s playlist to access it no matter where you are. 

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New Music Friday | Victor Daviet Spring Banana Playlist

This week, Team Rider Victor Daviet hand selected a vibey sping playlist to accompany you on your adventures both on and off the mountain. This is the same playlist Victor has been streaming on the road in the midst of his Trip Roulette escapades. If you’re hungry for some new tracks, his Spring Banana playlist will hit the spot. Follow Victors’ playlist to access it wherever you are. 

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The Limited Edition Anything Pant Tri-Colorblock

We sold through our first limited edition colorway in just 2 weeks, so we decided to release the second a month early! Introducing: The Anything Multi Pant Limited Edtion Tri Colorblock.

Only 100 Pairs Produced.
Get them before they are gone forever.

The Anything Multi Pant features a modern loose fit profile with seamlessly integrated back and side secured pockets, dedicated phone pocket, card/coin/pen pockets, venting and a multitude of additional technical features. The 4-way stretch highly breathable, water and stain resistant fabric make these packable everyday pants a year-round do-Anything adventure staple.