“Sweet, salty, sour, spicy and Rasman. The Manboys “Umami (The Fifth Flavor)” was just plated this weekend and hit’s the taste buds with a fireworks display of tantalizing backcountry flavors. Start with a heavy helping of Chris Rasman maxxxing out kickers, cliffs and muscling lines with his text book power stance, power moves and power smile then you add in a few pinches of beard with some A-grade organic E-jack antics, keep the portions right, make sure it’s delicious riding but not an overstimulating brain bomb then balance the whole thing out with some classic Canuck style “maybe we’re clubbing maybe we’re in the mountains thinking about clubbing” shred tunes and you’ve got a whole new flavor….Umami! It doesn’t make sense! Like a donut burger, just eat it, it’s delicious!

Chris Rasman Snowboarding on Pro Snowboard Model T.Ras
Chris Rasman

Snowboards featured in Umami (The Fifth Flavor)

Ejack Knife

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Saikou Psycho – Volcom Asia’s first ever all-Asian skate trip

Volcom Asia skate team unites in Japan for its first ever all-Asian skate trip.

Volcom has been supporting Asian skateboarders for quite some time now. Some of them have recently made a name in the skateboarding community through bigger media contests. Sanggoe, for example, took home silver at the 2018 Asian Games, as well as Ju-Won who made a huge comeback in the same contest, which earned him the bronze medal. Taihou is another rising star, qualifying for major international contests, as well as receiving street creds for his best trick showdown at the 2018 Tampa Am.

It was only a matter of time before Volcom rallied Asia’s rising talents to hit the streets of Tokyo, Japan.

The diverse skate crew consisted of:

  • Taihou Tokura ‘T4’ (Japan)
  • Tatsuma Masuda (Japan)
  • Ju-Won Eun (South Korea)
  • Sanggoe Tanjung (Indonesia)
  • Mario Palandeng (Indonesia)
  • Pan Jia Jie ‘PJ’ (China)
  • Bank Nattapol (Thailand)

The diverse skate crew consisted of:

  • Taihou Tokura ‘T4’ (Japan)
  • Tatsuma Masuda (Japan)
  • Ju-Won Eun (South Korea)
  • Sanggoe Tanjung (Indonesia)
  • Mario Palandeng (Indonesia)
  • Pan Jia Jie ‘PJ’ (China)
  • Bank Nattapol (Thailand)

We had just a couple of days to hit as many spots as possible in Tokyo.

The Japan crew laid out a full itinerary starting with Maihama skatepark and some classic bay area spots around the city.

Day two was spent cruising along the Sumida River hitting all the spots we could find. With time against us, a proper lunch at a restaurant was out of the question. Luckily, there are plenty of convenience stores where we often made pit stops to stock up on onigiri and other snacks. Vending machines are also found everywhere on sidewalks and street corners, some providing hot coffee in a can! Only in Japan…

A downside of cruising around the city with a crew of 15 carrying skateboards and cameras is the attention we drew from the authorities. The more we moved towards the center of the city, the quicker it was for security or the police to show up and oust us from the spot. The time window to land a trick was a matter of minutes, sometimes seconds. But with pure diligence and the support of teammates we managed to gather some solid clips throughout the day.


We spent the remaining time we had in Tokyo sightseeing and strolling through the famous neon-lit streets of Shinjuku. Despite the short time we had in Tokyo, it was a very productive and fun couple of days.

Sanggoe Tanjung’s first time in snow!

On day 3 it started pouring.

We piled up the team riders in a bus and headed north to the mountains of Gunma, arriving at a traditional village and Kawaba Resort. Most of our riders had never snowboarded before, let alone seen snow, so everyone was hyped for the experience.

Conditions were great and the views were stunning. A few hours of practice and the boys were ready to hit the upper slopes! The team at Kawaba Resort were super helpful in giving us all the true mountain

Bowly Down Under Snowboy Edit

Holy Bowly Down Under

Calling all roos, wombats and koalas! Pop out of your pouch and peep the first full edit from Snowboy Production’s Bowly Down Under in Thredbo, Australia. Some great boarding in here! Stay tuned for our Roos To Holy Bowly edit with our whole trip coming out… later and Gnu’s adventure as well with Forest and Blake coming out sooner! G’day!

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Jack Robinson’s 12-hr Barrel Bender

Tom Jenning’s captures Jack Robinson’s incredible twelve hour marathon of barrels somewhere in Western OZ

Watch the video and read a new interview with Jack by Wasted Talent’s Alexei Obolensky who caught up with him while he was in town for a QS event.

Tell us about Barrel Bender? Where did this clip come from?

This trip was pretty much two sessions. I surfed 6 or 7 hours. Then I broke one board, came in, went back out and then I surfed the next day for a few hours. But yeah it all happened pretty quick because there wasn’t many crew out. That long day was pretty much Indo perfection all day.

It’s always hard to judge from seeing footage, but how gnarly is the place?

When it’s big that wave is just an animal… It’s wild. It’s got all these steps in the faces that you’ve got to navigate when you’re in it. When it’s small it can get pretty playful, but when it’s bigger it just tries to kill you, I swear. I get scared out there, even if it’s not that high. I get scared everywhere pretty much but keep on doing it. Haha.

It seems like a special place for you?

Yeah it’s very special. I’ve been going up there since I was a baby pretty much! It’s an incredible place really. It’s far from everything, there’s no phone reception. The closest town is one hour and a half away… and it’s barely a town.

What’s the longest you’ve stayed up there?

I’d say a couple of weeks. You get pretty crusty after that.

What do you do on the flat days over there?

You’d probably go fishing. I’d probably be a fisherman if I wasn’t a surfer.

We’ve heard the drive was a mission. Have you got any wild stories from the road?

That town before the spot is pretty wild. It’s a fisherman town. My dad used to work there as a fisherman so every time we’d stop there when I was a kid it’d be pretty full on. I’d be waiting for him in the car at the gas station because I was petrified by the old locals living there. I was this little scared kid that was waiting in the car with a bowl haircut and a baseball bat at the time.

How was your motor handling the drive? Any wild breakout on the way?

The radiator stopped one time and we had to put 10 liters of water every 50 kilometers and we barely made it there… but generally it.s always been pretty smooth luckily.

How’s the crowd factor out there?

It’s not too bad. It’s pretty much some of the boys from the towns close by. Everyone is pretty nice in the water. Everybody takes turn. I think the wave is too heavy for it to get crowded to be honest. It’s not like Desert Point that has an accessible take off. The wave is that full on that it sorts the crowd out itself. I think in heavy waves, if you start snaking people it will bite back. You got to be careful when you surf there.

You make it look easy ridding it backside – what kind of equipment are you ridding there?

Basically Arakawas as I ride for them. I don’t really know what goes into them, but he makes good boards, so I’m trying to be a good pilot. I think that fear makes you think the right things in heavy waves. It does to me anyways. I always study things a lot before taking on something. I’d rather sit back and analyze it before trying to get the biggest one.

What about that session out Teahupoo before the Tahiti event the other day? How would you prepare for a day like that?

I’ve towed there once before. It was the day when Nate Florence had that big one. But I didn’t go back for any big swell and didn’t have much time to prepare or study anything. I literally showed up there in the first morning to these 25 footers coming though and I’m just like “Oh my god…”. The big ones were too big to paddle so they called the trials off. I thought it’d be easy to get hurt paddling there so we decided to get the jet ski out and give it a go. It was sucking way too much from the bottom for me to be surfing my normal board and I was teaming up with Kamalei Alexander. He was like: “Brah, I’ve got the sickest board for you!”. When I first got on it, it felt like the straps were super wide. It was pretty sketchy. We went for a 50 meter ride to get a feel for the board before getting towed into a 20-foot wave. It felt alright so we just got out there, afterwards he told me that the jet ski wasn’t able to come and rescue me because it wasn’t powerful enough. I could only clip my lifejacket because it wasn’t zipping up the whole way as most of them do now. Then I got towed in on one and felt like I was going backward on that board. It was all pretty sketchy, but somehow made it. It definitely was the scariest few seconds I had in a long time.


Travel Essentials

Jack’s Picks

Welcome to Women’s LIB

Womens Lib Tech Snowboards

Welcome to women’s Lib, boards that are inspired by the dreams of our Lib ladies! For first gliders to ripping pros, 4 badass models that are 100% designed for women in 100% Lib Tech fashion. Plus, an Orca and a Split! This is the official unofficial launch of Women’s Lib. Lib has always been a unisex brand, but we are moving beyond unisex and launching this dedicated Women’s Lib line with purpose. It’s the stuff dreams are made of, with models like the all mountain C3 Dynamiss with Jamie Lynn art and the progressive freestyle resort ripping No. 43. The easy riding, all mountain Glider and the versatile, directional Cortado are approachable, finely tuned fun boards rounding out the collection. All are technologically advanced high-performance fun seekers built in the USA at Mervin Mfg. the world’s most environmentally friendly board building facility. Works of craftsmanship and art, with vibrant graphics eco-sublimated, using no toxic silk screens, and zero hazardous waste. Welcome to Women’s Lib, we are ageless, timeless, limitless and building snow tools in the USA for equality and freedom.

Women's Lib ripper Estelle Pensiero
Women’s LIB!
Women's Lib Tech rider Estelle Pensiero at Baldface Lodge
Estelle ruling at Baldface
Estelle Pensiero and the Lib Tech Dynamiss
Women’s Lib Ripper Estelle Pensiero

Women’s Lib Dream Boards edit featuring Estelle Pensiero and the Dynamiss.

Estelle Pensiero represents Women’s LIB and the freedom to dream. She rides the whole mountain like it’s her personal playground (when she’s at Baldface, it is her personal playground). She’s 16 and she lives in a world full of possibility. She has big dreams. She has a passion for free expression. She’s inspired to make a difference. She is graceful and strong and committed to action. She believes in equality and freedom and dream boards. Welcome to Women’s LIB Estelle!

Estelle Pensiero bra blasting for Women's LIB
Estelle bra blasting frontside air

Women and girls have been riding Lib boards for years. Circe Wallace, Marcella Dobis, and Ingrid Gunderson were all Lib team riders in the early 90’s. Barrett first joined the Lib team and rode the Acme. Shannan Yates and Janna Meyen climbed podiums and descended big mountains at global competitions on Lib boards. Lib Tech has always been a unisex line, something for everyone. Mervin is known for having the most extensive collection of women’s boards on the market with Gnu and Roxy snowboards. We have always worked extensively with riders, getting feedback from inception to production. Now, we are moving beyond unisex and embracing women’s LIB with passion and purpose, applying 30+ years of women’s board design heritage to bring the dreams of our Lib Tech ladies to life. Women’s LIB, designed by women, for women, in our high tech / zero hazardous waste facility, in the USA at Mervin Mfg.

2019 might just be the dreamiest ever with the introduction of Women’s Lib, an all- new line of boards inspired by the dreams of our Lib Tech ladies. The powerful C3 Dynamiss with Jamie Lynn’s art, the easy riding incredibly fun Glider, the aggressive freestyle No. 43, and the amazing value and versatility of the Cortado, all designed with passion and purpose. Rounding out the collection we have a perfectly sized Orca and the split BRD for dreamy all mountain freedom. We are proud to launch Women’s Lib, a dedicated women’s line that is ageless, timeless, and limitless.

Barrett Christy for Womens Lib Tech
Women's Lib Tech

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Freaky Fast Times from Lib X Lost

Yago Dora cutback on the Lib Tech X Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag surfboard
Yago Dora’s Freaky Fast Freak Flow

The Freak Flag Bean Bag

Lib Tech X Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag Colors

“A radical small wave design based on maximum surface area for lift, stability and unbridled speed in tiny surf. Inspired by the original “double ender” Bean Bag, Lib Tech’s “Freak Flag Bean Bag” features a refined, winged outline for tighter turns, added bite and faster transitions rail to rail. Tip-to-tail vee bottom, for forgiveness and on rail surfing in the smallest of waves. It also features a flat (low center of gravity) and stable deck, with forgiving rails. This board is meant to be surfed very short. Unlike most extremely wide and short boards, it has the ability to be surfed aggressively from the tail, and up onto a rail, without sliding out… Get off the Couch, toss your LazyBoy and fly your Freak Flag!” ~ Matt Biolos

Lib Tech - Lost Surfboards Freak Flag Bean Bag surfboard

Five Freaky Fast Sizes

Lib Tech x Lost surfboards Freak Flag Bean Bag sizes
Temple Cummins on the Lib Tech Freak Flag Bean Bag Surfboard
With speed comes fun… Temple Cummins
Pete Saari on the Lib Tech X Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag surfboard
Freaky corner acceleration is a thing… Pete Saari
Yago Dora on the Lib Tech X Lost Freak Flag Bean Bag surfboard
Yago Dora… flying his Freak Flag

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