Austen Sweetin’s “Rooster Tail”

Austen Sweetin

New Year’s resolutions: 1 ride more pow, 2 launch off more stuff, 3 go faster… or combine 1 through 3 and just BE MORE LIKE SWEETIN! Austen and company drop a visceral backcountry freestyle assault on us with “Rooster Tail”, an 11 and ½ minute powder parade of high level ripping. Sweetin leads the pack like a psycho wombat runt who has been scratching, fighting and punching way above his weight class for years, clinging to the sides of peaks and endless pillow stacks relying on pure animal instinct and his Lib Tech Dynamo to survive. Sean Lucey follows close (and we do mean close) behind (beside or under) to capture the magic like never before. Get ready to rooooooost!

Austen Sweetin in Rooster Tail
Austen Sweetin with Lib Tech Dynamo Snowboard
Austen Sweetin and Blair Habenicht

Starring: Austen Sweetin, Blair Habenicht, Travis Rice, Chris Rasman, and Bryan Fox.

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