Out There: Eli Reed

Out There: Eli Reed
From the East Village to Kingston, Eli’s passion for Dancehall fuels the dynamic bond between skateboarding, good music and the evolution of culture. ONE LOVE.

Jake Phelps Art Tributes – Part 2

Jake Phelps Art Tributes - Part 2
We’ve run out of words to describe Jake Phelps’ legacy. Thankfully, artistic tributes from around the world can do all the talking. Here is another batch of extraordinary creative expressions which capture Jake’s spirit. He’s still watchin’!

Alex Sorgente’s “RAW AMs” Part

Alex Sorgente's
Proving he’s not just another contest kid, Alex sets a crash course for every rail, pool and DIY he can get his trucks on. The Encinitas Civic Center gets hit with another heavy hammer that would make Omar and Hairball proud.

Snowboy’s edit from The Knob Project

Snowboy just dropped their edit from last week’s The Knob Project at Pine Knob Michigan. There’s a grip o’ ripping in there, three songs of solid shred and some mind melters too! BMBW crew came through with clips from Dylan, Denver, Lily, Naima, Bryden, Dusty and Louie.

The event popped off as usual with a bunch of heavy hitters mixed with serious ride or die up and comers. The park had a linear fun flow with every feature getting sessioned throughout the week. Huge shout out to Krush and the Snowboy crew as well as the Pine Knob terrain parks squad, amazing job!

Look for the rest of our clips from the event (Reis!) in next fall’s “Boot Candy” full BMBW team edit in the works!!

All pics: Tim Zimmerman

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Melodi’s “EC II” Video

For the second year in a row, Eli Awbrey brings us a full-length gem from the East Coast that shines with originality. The stand-out soundtrack, authentic homie vibes and hard, savage skating make this a must-see. Don’t botch it, watch it!