Volcom’s Unconventional Collaboration with Performa 17 Biennial and Barbara Kruger


Volcom is endlessly proud to announce an unconventional collaboration with Performa 17 Biennial and the creative genius that is Barbara Kruger.

The Performa 17 Biennial, taking place November 1—19, will see Barbara Kruger’s commissioned work for the visual art performance vanguard’s seventh biennial across various locations in New York City. Instantly recognizable, Barbara’s signature graphics of white Futura on red ground, will be activated in the city with a number of public interventions that will explore the power and role of media.

This collaboration takes performance art to a different place as it frolics through the blurred lines of the information age.

For over 40 years, Barbara has created work that is bold, unapologetic and propagandistic, yet all the while—raw, quiet and pure. Her work calls for humanity in subtle and self-reflective ways. It is with great humility that Volcom, a creative machine since inception, has the honor to facilitate ‘The Drop’ with Barbara Kruger and Performa 17.

On Thursdays throughout the biennial, November 2, 9, and 16, from 4 pm to 8 pm, Barbara Kruger invites the public to her first live performance with Untitled (The Drop) at the Performa 17 Hub at 427 Broadway in SoHo. Participants who have reserved tickets beforehand will form a line on the street outside the Hub. Once inside, each will have a ten-minute time slot to peruse the Kruger Shop. Participant-performers can purchase a maximum of two limited edition items, including t-shirts, skateboards, beanies, and hooded sweatshirts, designed by Kruger and produced in partnership with Volcom.

Limited edition Barbara Kruger X Volcom tees, hoodies & beanies produced for the Performa 17 Biennial available only at ‘The Drop’ at the Performa 17 Hub at 427 Broadway


“Barbara’s influence on my work, and primarily the conviction to be bold and unrepentant with emotion is immeasurable. I have taken the echoes of her art into so many places that I’ve traveled creatively. Her rally-cry actually say something with words is both timely, timeless and inspirational. Barbara Kruger is the holy grail.” – Mike Aho, Volcom Global Creative Director

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Volcom X Suicidal Tendencies Collab Plus Mike Muir Interview




“One of the first Thrasher Magazines I owned was the May 1987 issue with Mike Muir on the cover and his interview inside. Thrasher was my introduction to skateboarding and punk rock, and this issue, in particular, was eye opening. The fact that there wasn’t a skater on the cover, hammered home the concept that skateboarding was much bigger than just the act of rolling itself as the music and art had just as much importance to the subculture. I was sold. Suicidal Tendencies was also one of the first bands I listened to that had nothing to do with my parents’ musical tastes or influence. It was something I discovered on my own and they’ll always have a very special place in my heart.”

Mike Muir on the cover of the 1987 issue of Thrasher Magazine

“Getting the opportunity to work with Mike Muir and Volcom Japan on these designs is literally a childhood dream come true. I made a Suicidal Tendencies Sharpie t-shirt at age 12, and now at age 43, getting to see my artwork on official ST merchandise — I’m honestly blown away. And, yeah, I’m still possessed to skate. Thanks, ST!”

The Volcom x Suicidal Tendencies Collection is exclusive to Japan only.

Volcom X Suicidal Tendencies Collection

Mike and Suicidal Tendencies were over in Japan in November for Volcom Entertainment Live, a music festival which featured tons of live music (including ST), skate ramps, and more, and FLJ Magazine sat down with Mike to ask him a few questions. See below for the interview and some photos from the festival.


Can you tell us one of your favorite memories from Japan?

MIKE: I’ve had so many great memories from Japan. It is actually the country I’ve been to the most times to visit without the band. I had lots of Japanese friends from around the Dogtown area from school and after the band started long before we played there in 1993. Every time I have gone there I have had an amazing time and I personally, and the band, were so excited to come back in November and see all our friends and make new ones.

Suicidal Tendencies is one of the first bands to blend punk, skate and street culture into a unified movement. What was it like starting out and being a pioneer in that space?

MIKE: When you do something that isn’t “established,” you will always have people try to criticize and attack you. ST was never a band to conform to other people’s beliefs. I’ve always had my strong beliefs and refuse to change for other people.




So, for ST, we have been very lucky as we are now great friends with a lot of the biggest names in action sports and a lot of people that we greatly admire for their skills and abilities, and even more for the fact that they followed their dreams when people told them they were “wasting their time.”

Japan Tendencies playing in Japan in November 2017

Japan has always loved the culture you and your brother created, and you have developed great friendships here from way back in the day. Can you tell us your connection with Japan?

MIKE: Friends, culture and food! When this event was announced, I instantly got lots of emails from my Japanese friends about how excited they were and how glad they were that we are doing this event and looking forward to seeing the band and hanging out. Culture. My family and I have incredible respect for the Japanese culture. We have visited Japan several times on holidays and always have an amazing experience and see and learn new things.

Getting back to the music… Who’s in the current lineup of Suicidal Tendencies?

MIKE: – Mike Muir on Vocals – Dean Pleasants on Lead Guitar – Jeff Pogan on Guitar – Ra Diaz on Bass – Dave Lombardo on Drums

How did you hook up with Dave Lombardo?

MIKE: I’ve always been a huge fan of Dave’s drumming and always knew that he would be an amazing addition to ST. Having known him for years, it was probably harder to ask him if he would be into playing with ST as I did not want to make him uncomfortable. But, I got up the courage to ask and he was like “fuck yes,” so we were all incredibly happy, and now having played with him for a year and a half, I’m even a bigger fan of his drumming. He is a great friend and great person besides being an unbelievable drummer! I’m extremely honored to have him as a band mate and friend!

What was the idea or concept of your latest record, “World Gone Mad”?

MIKE: Basically, we wanted to do a record, but only if we felt that it really covered all the elements of what we believe makes ST, ST. All the best elements without conforming to what is popular today. We never did what was popular at the time, and I believe that is one of the main reasons we are not only still around, but have such strong and dedicated support. Lyrically, I’ve always tried to be as honest as my dad was with me. To try and offer another perspective and to remind people that things are not always easy, they will usually not go the way you hoped, but you have to deal with the situations you are in and no matter how tough, never stop fighting for yourself or believing in yourself all the while having compassion for others so that they might find their strength too.

You stated that this would be ST’s final studio album. Is this true?

MIKE: Before we recorded “World Gone Mad” we said if it was not a record that we would feel comfortable being our last, we wouldn’t record it. I believe that is quite standard and we felt we achieved that. We recorded an EP that should be out early 2018, which was mostly recorded at the same time, and we also might have a special surprise release in 2018, but there is no official announce for a while 🙂

Mike Muir

What’s ST’s schedule for the rest of 2017 and into 2018?

MIKE: Recently went to Mexico and a few festivals in the states, then came here to Japan for this festival. I came out here early and stayed after which I was looking forward to doing. Next, I go to Brazil. We are off for Christmas. Finish in studio in between and then start touring again in 2018 and go worldwide for the whole year.

Lastly, what is the essential message of Suicidal Tendencies you want people to remember?

MIKE: You are stronger than people want you to be. Believe in yourself, challenge yourself. Don’t believe in excuses. Each day may not go the way you want, but tomorrow is a new chance.



Snowboarding Baldface With Our Guide Proven Technology Outerwear


Every year revolving members of our Volcom Snow program make a pilgrimage up the interior British Columbia highway to one of Canada’s favorite powder country getaways near Nelson, BC to the one and only Baldface Lodge. Baldface is a cat-boarding operation nestled high in the Kootney Mountains known for its endless perfect snowboard terrain and bottomless pow.

Ryan Immegart pow slash. Photo: Ryan Boyes

From high open alpine faces to pillow stacks and dense tree runs, the snow conditions and backcountry terrain all in a day’s riding at Baldface will push any rider’s skill level to the limit. The long hours of rigorous snow safety work and avalanche control the guides go through day-in and day-out to keep everyone safe make it the perfect place to test our outerwear.

Photo: Arthur Longo
Pat Moore. Photo: Arthur Longo

That is why we have partnered with Baldface and their expert guiding staff to make the Lodge ground zero and home base for our Guide Proven Technology (GPT) Volcom Outerwear line. Designed to work under the most critical conditions, you can trust our GPT series to take you in the right direction of weather protection and optimal mobility for all day riding:


The Guide GORE-TEX® Jacket is guaranteed to keep you dry thanks to the waterproof 3-Layer Shell fabric plus fully taped seams and YKK® AquaGuard® water repellent zippers. The soft flannel backing is designed to keep you warm, along with our Face Tech and Zip Tech® jacket to pant interface.

*Available in three colorways


Built for durability in a range of weather conditions, the Guide GORE-TEX® pant pairs perfectly with our Guide GORE-TEX® jacket. This versatile style has an articulated fit and comes with the GORE-TEX® dryness guarantee. Plus, we’ve packed in other backcountry specific details like Recco® Advanced Rescue Technology, Zip Tech® pant to jacket interface to keep the pow out of your pants, and an avalanche beacon specific front pocket.

*Available in two colorways

Photo: Ryan Boyes
Photo: Ryan Boyes

This year’s trip to Baldface was nothing short of amazing. There was plenty of snow and the conditions were flawless. Some of the best days of snowboarding for some of the crew, which included: Pat Moore, Bryan Iguchi, Jamie Lynn, Arthur Longo, Torgeir Bergrem, Ryan Immegart, Richard Woolcott, Ryan Boyes and Patrick Field. Thank you, Baldface. Until next year!

Volcom’s Cooked Kiwi Cam

Skateboarding. Snow. New Zealand. What more is there to say?

All combined, they made a recipe for an epic trip. Somewhere deep inside the walls of the Volcom HQ the idea was born to think of a place where Skateboarding, Snowboarding, and Surfing can all come together. With that in mind, we set off for two weeks to head to Auckland, NZ to hit the streets and meet up with our fellow board brethren for a little pow pow action. Featuring Axel Cruysberghs, CJ Collins, Jackson Pilz, Jesse “Red” Noonan, and Arto Saari.

CJ Collins setting up a board for the trip

We got in around 7 in the morning after a long 13 hour flight and as soon as we walked through the doors our Ozzie mates were up and at em ready to explore. Skateboarders up at 7am ready to go? A very strange phenomena but luckily the time change played in our favor and we were out and about bright and early every morning.

Downtown Auckland was loaded with spots. The boys were all amped from their flat whites and long blacks (NZ for “coffee”) and were on an all-out rampage through the bustling metropolis. Axel managed to swing a nice little wallie 180 while dodging cars and some, let’s just say, interesting people. Quickly after, Red got gnarly and barged through with a fs wallride yank out. The session was immediately followed with the obligatory meat pie stop.

After hitting a few spots we arrived at an undisclosed backyard pool. We were super lucky to skate it according to a couple of the local bros. You know who you are and thanks for letting us come!

The session started heating up after a few cold beverages and next thing you know the jacuzzi cover was getting taken out. Our OZ legend, Red, was brave enough to step to the jacuzzi grind. “I’m more of an Evil Kinevil kind of skater”, although the steezy crail among other tricks begged to differ. First to take a dip: the board. Then a shoe. Then Red. Soaking wet he pulled it off with a nose yank-in to boot. Little CJ took advantage of the photo op and blasted a couple FSO’s. He got a little brave with a front feeble poked out and came inches away from Red’s face while he was enjoying a soak and a beverage (not pictured). Huge props to our Kiwi friends and their hospitality.

Skate, Surf and Snow unite!

After stacking clips for almost week it was time to meet our bros in the mountain town of Wanaka. It’s very rare that all three teams come together as one. We had everyone from an Olympian: Torgeir Bergrem, a Skate Legend: Arto Saari, and Life Legend: Red. Jackson touched snow for the first time at 27 years old and even took a few laps. Ozzy Wright was handling some smooth layback carves and Axel was ripping the half pipe like he was there with the snow team – kid is good at everything. All in and all one for the books. Our nice little mid-summer / Kiwi winter getaway was a nice break from the Southern California heat.

For all your land-boarding needs

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Volcom Garden Hosts Free Music Shows During Levitation 2018 In Austin, Texas


Volcom Garden

1209 E. 6th St. Austin, TX


April 26 – 28, 2018


(512) 391-1754



  • Free event
  • 21+
  • Early arrival is recommended
  • Doors open at 5pm each day



7pm: Annabelle Chairlegs  8pm: The Well  9pm: Dead Sullivan


7pm: Tweak Bird  8pm: Ruby The Hatchet


6pm: Lake Of Fire  7pm: Communion  8pm: Tia Carrera




A Levitation Volcom Garden event t-shirt will be available to purchase exclusively at The Garden during the event from April 26 – 28. Be sure to pick one up early before they are gone forever!



Check out more Garden exclusive product, and be sure to visit the store page for store hours, directions, and all of the latest happenings at the Volcom Garden!

“Slightly Removed” Capturing the Memories with Chris Pfanner


Chris describes his photography as a memory back up, with such a fast paced life and traveling all over the world, a photo to him is like a “mini time travel to recollect the memories with stuff that may have slipped your mind.” Currently residing in Nuremberg, Germany, Chris was born in Nigeria and grew up in Austria but has lived in multiple places since, everywhere from Barcelona, Spain to Long Beach, California.

Just prior to the latest Volcom Road Rager tour through the Pacific Northwest, Chris and teammate Axel Cruysberghs met up early in Vancouver to take in its diverse landscape while the bus and other riders were making their journeys north. Vancouver is an amazing place, somewhere both had been before but never properly explored, and it’s proximity of nature to urban landscape made it the ideal place to shoot a quick lookbook for the new Volcom “Slightly Removed” capsule. Its busy urban city center surrounded by conifer rainforests represented a duality, a yin-yang, whose combined energy provides balance to those that embrace and inhabit both of these starkly contrasting environments.

While hiking through the Capilano Regional Park that took them on a loop past the Cleveland Dam and over a massive suspension bridge we asked Pfanner a few questions about his own photography to better understand where his artistic expression comes from.

Are their similarities to photography and skateboading?

CP: “When I look through the viewfinder, i’m focused on what I’m shooting, it’s the same thing when I step on a skateboard and I’m really focused, I forget everything around me. Both have similar meditative aspects, it’s a good stress relief”

What camera do you use?

CP: A Fujifilm XE1, though my first camera was a Nikon FM2 [a legendary all manual film camera]. The XE1 is perfect for skate trips and cruising around at night.

Do you prefer shooting color or black & white?

CP: I love both, however I keep my viewfinder at black and white when I shoot, it’s easier for focusing and lighting. That’s the beauty of digital cameras, I can shoot something in black and white RAW and play around with the Fuji film simulations after. I think that shooting black and white is easier… you can always make something out of black and white.

What type of photography do you like to shoot?

CP: “I like to capture the moments, the memories, it helps me recall them by looking at the photos. One of my main subjects is skateboarding, of course. Thats what I grew up looking at. I like to try out different angles and stoke my friends out. I always get hyped on a good photo of myself, so when I’m on the road there is always al lot of downtime, so i pick up my camera and try and shoot photos of my friends. Especially now with the digital cameras and phones you can shoot a photo, upload it to your phone and forward it with your friends. They’re stoked they have a good photo of them and you’re stoked that you got to capture that moment.

Collin Provost shot by Chris on the Volcom Road Rager
Axel Cruysberghs shot by Chris on the Volcom Road Rager

Do you have a favorite photo that you’ve taken?

CP: Every photo is kind of a favorite shot because I connect a certain memory with it. But there’s a few that stand out really, I have this photo of Skankiee (Daan van der Linden) on that Chestnut Hill trip we did with the Anti-Hero crew doing a no-comply on the back of a full pipe. I like the moment I captured and his positioning and the color, it’s one of my favorite color photos that I’ve taken. I also got a lot of really nice shots on that Harley trip we did too, those were unique because I’ve never had any opportunity to do something like that and it was like riding through a post card for two weeks so I got some memorable shots from that trip as well.

What was it like for you shooting in nature, then in the city of Vancouver?

CP: When we were out shooting, I definitely realized the difference between nature an the city. This time it had a major impact on me as we spent the entire day in nature where it was so quiet and so calm. Then just 15 minutes away you’re in the center of the city, that was such a trip to realize because all of a sudden you’re in the middle of downtown Vancouver with so much commotion and noise. It took a while to adjust but as soon as we were in it for a while, you adapt so quick. it was unbelievable to notice the sudden change like that, 15 minute car ride and you’re in the complete opposite of where you just were. That was pretty cool to have, it’s something I’ve experienced before, but not as abrupt as it was in Vancouver.

Snowboarding Mt. Hood, Oregon, in the Summer with Reid Smith, Benny Milam + Cody Warble


Words by Reid Smith

With sweat dripping down my face and being suffocated by a pile of camping and snowboard gear, I found myself in a jam-packed car on the way from Salt Lake City, Utah, to Mt. Hood, Oregon, with Benny Milam and Cody Warble for a 10-day-long camping trip. It was an idea that we told Seth Huot about, our Volcom Team Manager, over some burritos at one of Salt Lake’s finest called Lonestar Taqueria. He really backed the idea of us documenting the whole trip on our own and got us set up with his old three chip video camera and a bunch of disposable film cameras, which set us free with full creative control.

We were making a video from the trip using his nearly 20-year-old Canon GL1 camera that had such an amazing nostalgic look to the footage. Plus, we were all trippin’ on the fact we were using the same camera Seth had filmed his ‘sponsor me tape’ on nearly two decades ago.

We spent most of the painfully hot drive listening to the Sasquatch Chronicles podcast mostly for intel on how these things operate if we were going to be living with them in the woods for the next week and a half. After 12 hours, we had made it to the campsite. It was really sick, surrounded by two rivers, a hill, clean with a fire-pit, and with no one around. For those Mt. Hood loc dogs out there, it is located a little below Silent Rock. On one of the first nights, Benny and I broke our tent zipper and there began the self-proclaimed “Bug Palace” that we slept in for the rest of the trip.


Cody Warble in our Shader Long Sleeve Flannel made from premium durable fabrics and includes dual chest pockets for extra convenient storage.

Available in three colorways

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Mt. Hood snowboarding was surreal as it always is. It is kind of the sickest place to be in the summer. You can’t complain when you’re snowboarding on the side of a volcano and it’s 65 degrees and sunny out every day.  Also, Benny and Cody are my favorite people to snowboard with. Benny is a huge goofball that is somehow one of the most tech snowboarders I have ever seen, and Cody is just the king of steez. The dynamic of us three kicking it makes for some really good times!

Using the GL1 was a bit of a learning curve for me. Cody and Benny were already pretty good at filming, but I was definitely blowing it the first day behind the lens. However, not to toot my own horn or anything, but as the trip went on I was pretty hyped on how I was filming. Some would go as far to say I am the best filmer out of us three ;). Haha, but on a real note, I had way more fun filming then I thought I would and definitely want to get into it more.

Most days after boarding we would cruise back to the campsite and lay our stuff in the sun, hoping our mitts, shirts, and boots would be dry by the next morning. Unfortunately, we were usually waking up to puddles in our boots and soggy everything. After very articulate placement of our gear to get it in the most sunlight exposure possible, we would cruise to Windells to skate or go to some lake or river to swim. Then, we usually wrapped up the day with some “squatching” (exploring the woods looking for sasquatch). Finally, we would usually toss some hobo sacks, which were vegetables, potatoes, some type of meat, and cream of mushroom soup wrapped in tin foil, in the fire for dinner and kick it by the fire until going back into the “Bug Palace” to catch some sleep, only to repeat the cycle the following day. This was definitely the most fun and exhausting trip to Mt. Hood I have ever done and the highlight of my summer.

A Day in Oceanside, CA, with Axel Cruysberghs + Collin Provost

Ride along with Axel Cruysberghs as he takes us through his (new) hometown of Oceanside, CA, meeting up with Collin Provost as they skate the local park, surf the local break, and grab some pizza nearby.

Domjohn Jacket

Modern windbreaker featuring an innovative style and unique signature Volcom feel.

Randall Crew Short Sleeve Tee

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Stone Cycle Hat

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GTXX: Down South In Hell

Volcom is celebrating 20 years of skateboarding with Grant Taylor!

GT has been on Volcom for 20 years and we thought it would be fitting to showcase his progress and growth throughout the years as part of the Volcom Stone. As told by his friends and family.

This collection celebrates Volcom working with Atlanta born team rider Grant Taylor for 20 years.  Inspired by Grant’s youthful memories of his earliest days with Volcom, this graphic collection utilizes Volcom’s bold organic hand built  art style of the 90’s. In addition, synonymous  with the name Grant Taylor in the skateboard industry is his personal handle, “Down South In Hell” seen throughout the collection along with either 98-18 or XX symbolizing his 20 years riding for VOLCOM.

Down South In Hell

Skate Shop Exclusive Tees

GTXX Skate Shop Exclusive

  • Contact your local shop above to inquiry about their own exclusive Grant Taylor “Down South in Hell” long sleeve tee as well as the entire GTXX collection.

The Grant Taylor Story

Grant Taylor’s beginnings start in Atlanta, Georgia, son of Thomas Taylor, a local ATL Skate Pro and skateshop owner of “Stratosphere”, Grant was born into skateboarding. Legend has it that Volcom’s now Vice President of Skateboarding, Remy Stratton, held Grant as a newborn baby while passing through the south on a skate tour visiting Thomas at his home. Grant and Volcom’s story starts a few years later at the young age of six. In the beginning, Thomas kept Remy up to speed with Grant’s progress on the skateboard by sending the occasional VHS tape package over to the Volcom offices. Remy says; “ Grant was a natural from day one and the VolcomXG.T. relationship occurred naturally as well”.  A few VHS tapes later, while Thomas and Grant were attending the Surf Expo trade show in Florida, the whole Volcom crew got to see Grant’s talent in person on the vert ramp which was located directly in front of Volcom’s booth. Volcom immediatley embraced the Taylor’s into the family. Grant has been riding for Volcom ever since.

Fully rev’d with no signs of stopping

Grant’s dad Thomas even admitted that he thought Grant was just going through a childhood phase with skateboarding, but somewhere in his pre-teens he felt his “talent needed to be addressed.” In addition to Volcom he later found a spot on the coveted Alien Workshop board company. It was all about this time when Grant started taking the opportunity to start traveling and skating the rest of the world. As Volcom teammate Collin Provost explains “it was during the first filming trips of (Volcom’s) Chichagof where we started going on our first real (not just trade shows and contests) trips together.” Since then Grant has been all over the world multiple times, skating some of the best spots and skateparks around the globe.

Grant Taylor and Jason Dill during the Alien Workshop days

This is just the first 20 years

Grant shows no signs of stopping. He plans on skating and traveling as long as he can. This look back on the first 20 years of his career with Volcom is a testament to his unwavering passion for skateboarding and Volcom is equally excited to continue the journeys where ever the energy pulls us. We look forward to many more years of skateboarding with Grant Taylor, Thrasher Magazine’s Jake Phelps put it best “Skate Rats forever!”

A lookback on some of Grant’s Volcom ad’s