Sound on Sound Music Festival with the Volcom Skate Team

What’s it like travelling with the Volcom Skate Team? It’s always an adventure that you never really want to end, even when you’re packed in van with fourteen dudes who are drenched from the rain and just want to sleep in a real bed. This past weekend we travelled to the Sound on Sound music festival that was being held about 40 minutes outside of Austin, TX. Like all trips, who you have in the van really dictates the vibes. On this one we were coming in hot off a campaign shoot at the brand new Volcom Garden right in Austin, and while not everyone that was at the shoot was able to make it out to the festival, the ones who did were on a good one. Of those who were at the shoot in Austin, Alec Majerus, Chris Pfanner, Daan van der Linden and Collin Provost all hopped in the van after the shoot to make it out to the festival. On the way we picked up Ben Raemers and Jackson Pilz from the airport who were coming from Hawaii strait off Thrasher’s King of the Road.

Chris Pfanner and Alec Majerus

Before we even got out to the festival we had to wait for Ben and Jackson’s flight to land. It was delayed because there was no ice on board. From Ben and Jackson’s account their connecting flight in Phoenix took off and flew for about an hour before turning around and heading back to Phoenix. Jackson said he “fell asleep at take off and woke up when we landed [back in Phoenix], got off the plane thinking I was in Texas”. Ben told him they were back in Phoenix and had to get back on the plane. After asking the airline, they were told that they had to turn around because there was no ice on aboard, apparently “no ice, no dice”, which became one of the many taglines for the weekend. Eventually they made it to Austin where Alec, Collin, Daan and Pfanner were taking some much needed downtime after a hectic three days of partying and campaign shoot antics at the Volcom Garden.

Texas was HOT and HUMID, and rain in the forecast made for an interesting weekend ahead, especially since we were camping at the festival grounds with many of the other festival goers. On the drive out we realized that not too many people in the van have ever camped at a music festival and the possibility of having a campsite with no campfire really made Daan and Pfanner question what they got themselves into. It was also Daan, Ben and Alec’s first time to a proper music festival which created a weary excitement for the unknown. After a missed exit turned into a long detour we ended up getting to the festival campgrounds right before dark on the first day of the festival. It took a minute for our camping stuff to get to us as it was all in a separate van that came up earlier to set up our ramp and booth. After drinking all day in the van, or in Ben and Jackson’s case, flying all day, it was slightly comical watching the team setting up their tents. They were instructed to put rain flys on their tents, as it was going to rain in the middle of the night, and they all heeded the warning except Daan who after struggling with his tent just didn’t care anymore and wanted to be done with it. Did we mention it was also Ben’s birthday?! Everyone shotgunned a beer with Ben after setting up camp.

The festival was held in the ‘Sherwood Forest’ that was basically like the grounds of a Renaissance faire but with a Robin Hood theme. After we got situated at camp and had a couple beers, we all headed into the festival to see what we were in for. We started walking to the festival in the dark and it quickly became apparent that we were about a 10 minute walk through the Sherwood Forest from the campground to the festival and there weren’t too many landmarks around that we could see. No one really paid attention to how we would get back to camp but we figured we would cross that bridge when we got to it later. The festival grounds were massive comprising of four stages with bars and renaissance faire type games scattered in between. After another quick drink at the booth, the skate team gravitated towards the ramp to give it a look. In the same area of the ramp, Zumiez had these little mini motorbikes that they were letting people ride and immediately Daan and Ben were down. Alec on the other hand wanted to test out the ramp and proceeded to destroy it blasting frontside airs and even a benihana fakie for the boys!

After the little sesh on the ramp and mini motorbikes we made our way to the main stage too see Run the Jewels. Like always at festivals we all eventually got split up and meandered throughout the grounds. Run the Jewels killed it and had the crowd hyped throughout the whole set. Shout out to Killer Mike and El-P for rocking the custom Volcom gear they got fitted for at HQ! They even played a new track off of Run the Jewels 3!

Back at the Volcom booth everyone just wanted to hang out and take it all in. Daan and Pfanner were running on no sleep after partying at our place in Austin the night before and were too tired to make the trek back to camp. Both ended up passing out in camping chairs at the booth which made them susceptible to all sorts of Collin’s antics including lighting cigarettes up your nose and moving you into the wooden stone spotlight while you sleep. Thanks for being such of good sport Daan!

While the first night of the festival wound down we all made pilgrimage back to the campsite for some much needed beers and rest. We all headed back in smaller groups, I was with Ben, Jackson and a half asleep Daan. We had no idea where we were going or any clue to anything around our campsite to recognize it. After a full day of travelling and partying we were starting to lose it as every campsite looked like ours in the dark wilderness. To cheer us up (or just another sign we were actually losing it) Ben started singing the Robin Hood and Little John ‘Walking Through the Forest’ song from the classic Disney film. After about an hour of “Robin Hood and Little John walking through the forest oda la de oda la de golly what a day…” we finally made it back. Poor Daan immediately passed back out in his tent while others slowly filtered in around our lantern / campfire substitute.

In the middle of the night it started pouring rain as expected and continued into the next morning until about 10am when everyone started to wake up. Of course most of the tents held up but Daan ended up getting soaked trying to put his rain fly up in the middle of the night, we told you so bud! The rain died down and sun came out just enough to dry the ramp before we got into the festival. When we got there, it was on! Daan was ready to rip and so was Alec and Ben. Even Pfanner, who was still a little out of it from the days prior, got in on the action. Alec surprised everyone with his transition skills and Daan was throwing tricks out left and right. Towards the end Pfanner orchestrated an air over Daan that they landed in four tries. Ben threw out a frontside invert first try with a bruised hip. Even the locals got down on the sesh. After the sesh we grabbed a couple beers at the “Bow and Arrow Bar” (closest VIP bar) that quickly escalated to party mode and we ventured off to see Big Boi and Beach House at the main stage.

After the sets we eventually made it back to camp but on the way back we saw all of these people having an impromptu dance party at the ramp. Friends of the stone Fat Tony and DJ Ill Faded were playing all the classic jams on the PA and before you know it we had a full blown dance party on the ramp. Back at camp others we telling stories of how they also got lost on the way back. It was also decided that we couldn’t camp without a fire so Pfanner made a little one where our lantern was the night before and kept it lit throughout the night. With the fire setting the mood, the stories from various Volcom trip started to be retold. Pfanner talking about walking into an old Nazi compound house on a Harley bike trip through Europe only to be welcomed with open arms and the most popular guy of the night. Or the time we went to Seattle and Milton Martinez landed three never been done tricks on three different obstacles at the infamous Jimi Hendrix High School all within 2 hours. The stories were endless, each with there own sound bite that seemed to echo in conversation throughout the night.

The next morning we woke up to white powder around our campfire. From Daan’s account, he woke up at 5 AM right as Pfanner was going to bed and Pfanner kept the fire lit for him. After Pfanner went to bed Daan decided to wander off to grab a coffee and when he gets back one of the staff members from the festival grounds showed up and extinguishes the fire. Daan claimed no responsibility, he just found it like that, but ‘Campfire Mike’ (that’s what we would call the festival grounds staffer) gave us a very stern warning. With %100 chance of rain looming over the afternoon we decided to pack up all of our camping gear and head into the festival before the rain. We got to the ramp and Daan instantly wanted to skate so he started doing some runs. He got a quick eggplant and Ben was trying to give him pointers on frontside inverts. Unfortunately it started to sprinkle and we knew heavy rain was on it’s way. The ‘Bow and Arrow bar” was where we met and hung out as the rain started to pour. After a couple drinks and about a half an hour we were told that the festival was being evacuated because of a heavy storm that was rolling through.

We gathered everyone up and got in the van and headed to the nearest town, Bastrop, where we all got much needed showers and naps while the storm blew over. The festival grounds were pretty flooded when we left, and after everyone got showers, the motivation to go back to the festival was diminished and we decided to head to our good friend Renate’s restaurant, Justine’s, to get a beyond proper meal. Between beers and wine Ben and Jackson decided that Alec was the MVP of the trip for not only ripping the ramp but for really embracing the spirit of the festival. After the best nights sleep we got all week we hit the airport where everyone flew out to their respective homes and the trip unfortunately came to an end. Overall everyone who went enjoyed the festival in their own respects and made stories to be told on future trips.

In Volcom Studio with Residual Kid!

Good news, folks! Volcom now has a recording studio, and we have some big things ahead for later this year and 2017, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open as we’ll be dropping some more epic music and video content in the coming months.

We recently got a chance to kick it with Residual Kid at the Volcom Studio when they were out in California visiting from Austin, Texas. The youthful trio of Max Redman (bass), Ben Redman (drums), and Deven Ivy (guitar vox), tag their band with “Defend pop punk” and are bursting onto the scene with their debut EP called Salsa. These young dudes may resemble the typical kids you see hanging out at the skatepark, and you’re totally right. And wrong. While they may seem ubiquitous to the communities which surround them, they have a lot more up their sleeve.

They have tapped into some serious rock power that may just stir up the youth (even more) into a new-age 90s grunge theme. What? They are uninterested in questions on the current teenage trends and music scenes, and for good reason. They are already making progress on their own. In 2012 they received much attention to their “Friend” music video, and just recently caught the eye of Warner Bros. executive Seymour Stein, who is famous for launching the careers of The Ramones, Madonna, and Talking Heads. Stein signed the boys to Sire Records (part of the Warner Music Group) just last year and are putting them to work!

Run The Jewels Barcelona Pop Up Shop

On June 1st a crowd of jewel runners lined up at the Volcom Store Barcelona to meet Run The Jewels in person and get dibs on some limited edition merchandise. The vibes were high As Trackstar the DJ spun a set of Killer Mike and El-P deep cuts and fan favorites on the night before their Primavera Sound Festival performance.

You had to be there to cop the Gaudi inspired poster and other Barcelona-themed goodies, though you can now get one of the shirts. Limited supplies of the dragon vs unicorn design in gray colorway from fantasy tee shirt masters The Mountain are available for those who could not attend in person. Thanks, Run The Jewels!

Slam Section & Slashers at Max Fish

Max Fish

120 Orchard Street
New York, NY 10002

Sunday, June 23, 2019



DM @volcomstudio for further details

Volcom Skate Team will be hubbing out in NYC, join us at Max Fish on June 23rd where we’ll be partying with Slam Section and Slashers.

Come by it’s free. 21+

Tons of Bands Fill the Stage at Volcom Garden During SXSW 2019

Tons of bands and live music fill the Volcom Garden in Austin, Texas, during the 2019 SXSW festival for our two-day Volcom Garden experience, featuring theLINE, Dead Meadow, Surfbort, Iguana Death Cult, Drakulas, Yves Jarvis, Los Mysteriosos, Fat Tony, Warm Drag, Chai, Obnox, Boogarins, and Slow Caves.

DAY 1:

DAY 2:

This event supports the SIMS Foundation who provides mental health and substance use recovery services for musicians, music industry professionals, and their families to support the well-being of the Austin music community.

The Volcom Garden is located at 1209 E 6th St in Austin, TX.

Photos: Daniel Cabral (@shredcorn)

Volcom Presents #ThisFirst At The Garden With Night Beats, Fat Tony & Al Lover

This past Saturday at the Volcom Garden in Austin, Texas we celebrated the culmination of the past six weeks of #ThisFirst, our initiative to reward people who are dedicated to turning their passion into their career. The event was a showcase of the work of #TheFirst winners and also featured a sneak peek of a forthcoming #ThisFirst documentary.

Thank you to all our winners, some of who traveled a great distance to be here and to Fat Tony, The Night Beats, Al Lover, Sound on Sound Fest, Deep Eddy Vodka, Austin Eastciders and everyone who came out to enjoy the night with us.

All photos by Levi Thompson unless otherwise noted.

日本の勝者”御木 惇史”による、和太鼓とドラムセットをMIXしたオリジナルスタイルのソロパフォーマンス
”Chama”と”御木 惇史”による即興ジャムセッション

Fabian aka Chama played a short set

Canarus Leon
Canarus and his crew R.A.D
Sara’s fish hung from the ceiling
Angel brought the horchata
Tim’s photo from Baja and some of Joanna’s charcoal pieces
You can see Joanna’s large peice she’s almost completed

Night Beats capped off the night. Photo by Reid


Fat Tony
Best trick on the mini ramp

#ThisFirst and some of the Volcom crew on hand for the night

Sara Becker and Tylah Kerr. Photo Reid
Steffen Turmer and Anfel Perez, Photo by Reid
Brandon Clements and Volcom Art Director, Patrick Carrie. Photo by Reid
Canarus Leon and Joanna Painter. Photo by Reid
Chen Yu Ching and Tim Briggs. Photo by Reid
Fabian Ruiz and Atsushi Miki. Photo by Reid
Robert Wall and Volcom’s Hope Lane. Photo by Reid
Sara Becker and Fabian Ruiz. Photo by Reid

We couldn’t resist the opportunity to break out the shredder again, so we brought it to the party so people could shred what they thought was holding them back from doing what they really want to do.

Thanks to Pixster for the photos


Throwing out the traditional job application, Volcom asked candidates one question, “What’s your ‘this’ and what would it mean for you to put #ThisFirst?’ The search received over 10,000 global entries – from roller derby to launching a food truck in Alaska, passions spanned a variety of topics including sustainable farm to table food sourcing, charity work, animal rescue, make-up artistry, and even crochet. For more information about #ThisFirst, go to

Run The Jewels Live at Bondi Beach

Off the back of their national Falls Festival tour, and fresh from their Sydney headline show with Flatbush Zombies, rap duo Run The Jewels headed to Bondi for our Volcom x #RTJBONDI party. Those who came were treated to the ultimate Run The Jewels pop-up event commemorating the public release of the official RTJ black denim jacket and The Unicorn V Dragon tee as well as the launch of RTJ’s ARTJ 2.0 app.

Taking over The Bucket List Bar – just a few seconds from the iconic sands of Bondi Beach, Run The Jewels made full use of the summer Saturday afternoon where tangy cocktails flew from the bar and DJ Trackstar supplied the tunes.

While Killer Mike and El-P greeted fans and took photos, we all chowed down on the awesome Australia v America BBQ!

RTJ surprised the fans and party goers with an epic impromptu performance that totally took the roof off!!! Super rad experience to see Killer Mike & El-P live and so close. MAGIC! Later Sydney’s own dynamic duo Yemisul & Ebony Boadu closed the party with plenty of dancehall heaters. Check out the full party pic gallery on Life Without Andy.

The Line’s Ryan Immegart On Music, Passion + Performing Live Again With His Band In 2018



What’s in a generation? Does it matter anymore how old you are, the color of your skin or where you grew up? In the modern day society with political and economic pressures, access to everything, and an age of information overload, it can all become a bit blurry and distort with what’s really important when you look back (or forward) on your life. Personally, as I’ve gotten older, it has become self-evident that passion can sometimes turn into a product for profit, and though we sometimes feel that we can’t stop it, ultimately the choice is ours.

And for me, being able to make that choice now later in life is what’s so incredible about sharing your passion with others with no expectations and assuming nothing in return. Once you commit to the purity of your pursuit, it’s like you are reborn and you remember why you fell in love with it in the first place. In fact, it reminds you what it feels like to be truly awake.

Ryan Immegart
Ryan Immegart + Donald Horne of The LINE

Some perspective: 16 years ago, I stopped playing in a band that I now realize was such an important part of who I am. The big difference now is that I don’t care what comes from it because, selfishly, it just makes me happy. And I think it’s ok to be selectively selfish about your passion as long as you keep it in perspective and pay attention to how it impacts those you depend on and love. So, on June 14, 2018, I committed and fulfilled a lifelong dream, and although I didn’t know it was a dream earlier in life, getting to play songs with my 18-year-old son on drums, my daughter’s 21-year-old boyfriend on bass, and my oldest and dearest friend, original guitar player of The LINE, Donald Horne, was something that I will never forget as long as I live.

Combining that experience with a group art show of talented Volcom Family artists (past and present) made it a truly special night and one that I am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to be a part of.

-Sincerely, Ryan Immegart

The LINE will be playing with Guttermouth at the 2018 Crafts N Cranks 4th Annual Bike & Brew Fest on July 28 at Snow Summit in Big Bear Mountain Resort! Visit here for more information.


Volcom Entertainment was officially founded in 1995 in Newport Beach, California, and is the brainchild of Volcom Founder Richard Woolcott and The LINE’s singer/guitarist, Ryan Immegart. Ryan, being Volcom’s first sponsored snowboarder and having a love for music, provided the necessary components to launch the label through Volcom. Being a brand recognized worldwide for its youth lifestyle clothing allowed Volcom the perfect chance to introduce The LINE’s “Self-Titled” debut CD within the surf, skate, and snow community.

Photos by Mike Pham

An Evening Of Dystopian Haiku, Song & Scribbles With Johnathan Rice + Jess Rotter At Volcom Garden


Volcom Garden

1209 E. 6th St.

Austin, TX 78702


Saturday, Oct. 6, 2018

2pm – 5pm





Held at the Volcom Garden in Austin, Texas, these longtime friends will mark the premiere of their first collaboration, with Jess Rotter bringing to life selects from Johnathan Rice’s recent book of poetry in her distinctly whimsical graphic style.

An author and longtime singer-songwriter and musician signed to Reprise Records, Rice has worked as an actor and contributed to the soundtracks of several films and television shows and a producer on an upcoming feature film.

In 2016, a shift in Rice’s life led to hours spent on Instagram, igniting a personal creative experiment as he began populating his feed with words, all on an app usually reserved for images. The resulting series of what he dubbed his “dystopian haikus,” eventually became a publication, Farewell, My Dudes.

A curated selection of Rice’s Instagram posts, each of them a 3 line, structured syllabic wonder, the book is sly, witty and unexpectedly poignant. Rice’s dystopia is simultaneously insightful and hilarious, an assortment of keenly observed statements about life, music, art, social media, brunch and of course, love.

Informed by a deep knowledge and love for the world of 1970’s rock ’n’ roll, Jess Rotter was first inspired by her father’s vinyl covers and comic books growing up. She describes her early aesthetic influences as, “part Peter Max, part Fritz the Cat.”

Her art and illustrations have appeared on public murals to album covers and Rotter has collaborated artistically with everyone from Parker Posey (for her recent memoir “You’re On An Airplane”) to Jack White’s Third Man Records, as well as creating official band merchandise for acts such as the Grateful Dead, Yusuf/Cat Stevens, Sly Stone, Rodriguez, Big Star, Mavis Staples, Kurt Vile, and more. Rotter’s own recent book, I’m Bored, is part art book, part comic book compilation. Designed by the artist and with a foreword/toast by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte, I’m Bored is a Gary-Larson-meets-The Muppets variety show, a terrific trip composed of recurring illustrated characters ranging from walruses to wizards to life warriors who are all, like the rest of us, seeking their daily salvation.

The event will feature the work of both multi-talents with Rice and Rotter original music, books, and art available for purchase.

Run The Jewels Live At The Garden In Austin, TX


While many were lining up to attend ACL Music Festival, a group of die-hard Run The Jewels fans were lining up at the Volcom Garden in East Austin. Those that came were treated to the ultimate Run The Jewels pop-up event commemorating the public release of the official RTJ black denim jacket and other limited edition merchandise, as well as the launch of ARTJ 2.0 app.

Run The Jewels already had a signature sound. Together with Volcom, we have developed a signature look based on all black denim. This jacket is the same style Run The Jewels rocks on stage, TV and magazine covers. The inside of this garment is adorned with the pistol and fist in gold foil, so the real jewel runners know. This design is available in limited quantities.

RTJ painting by Mike “Truth” Johnston



Guests enjoyed the pop-up barbershop, sneaker shine, and DJ set by Trackstar, while they patiently waited for the group to show up. Killer Mike and El-P arrived to a long line of high fives, and a spontaneous chant of “R – T – J” broke out as the duo admired the denim jackets hanging in the gallery which was decked out with a massive painting of the two by Mike “Truth” Johnston in an environment from SpraTX.

El-P arriving to the eager fans at the Volcom Garden
El-P and Killer Mike before hitting’ the outside stage at the garden

Feeding off the vibes, Run The Jewels treated everyone in attendance to an impromptu performance that gave new meaning to the chorus “Run The Jewels Live at the Garden,” which the event was called. After signing hundreds of posters, records, and other memorabilia, Run The Jewels split to perform a knockout set for ACL TV, while Cuz Lightyear keep the stage hot to the satisfied attendees.

Run The Jewels surprising fans with an unannounced performance
El-P ruling the stage alongside Killer Mike

The crowd erupted with excitement when RTJ came out for their performance

Cuz Lightyear
Killer Mike and Cuz Lightyear