The UFO Series, Lucas Wachs’ dream skis.


The UFO series has the modern freestyle minded skier covered for all terrain and conditions. From the more in bounds focused 95 to the quiver killing 105 and Lucas’ go to deep snow dream sticks the 115s. Get abducted in to a freestyle free ride dream!

Lib Tech UFO Series Art by Ryan Schmies

This year Lucas teamed up with legendary ski artist Ryan Schmies for some out of this world art. Whether inspired by high flying antics or an actual abduction event (which would explain his other worldly skills) this high desert extraterrestrial piece is our best UFO graphic yet.

Lib Tech UFO 95 Skis

The UFO 95

The 95 is Lucas Wachs’ park jibber. Long tip and tail rocker zones make this freestyle contour the ideal ski for hardpack and park focused fun. Butter friendly square tip open doors to freestyle creativity. Spin, drift and slide through the park all winter and summer on the glacier… this is a Mt. Hood favorite.

Lib Tech UFO 105 Skis

The UFO 105

The UFO 105 is the perfect one ski quiver, this is Lucas Wachs’ good time Mt. Bachelor stick. Rips pow lines in the morning, destroys natural freestyle terrain features all afternoon and loves a pow hike closer. Lucas worked with legendary ski artist Ryan Schmies on this alien themed apparition. Longer tip and tail rocker zones make this freestyle contour the ideal ski for harpack and creative park inspired freestyle. The square tip and tails jib as well as they oat… everywhere is a happy place on Lucas’ daily driver.

Lib Tech UFO 115 Skis

The UFO 115

Lucas Wachs’ dream ski for deep days. Longer tip and tail Rocker zones combined with a pulled in nose ensure float and reduce swing weight and excess lift ensuring you won’t get blown into the back seat when things get big, deep and loose. Lucas uses this ski to film and progress deep snow creativity to new heights. Rips the resort on the best days and kills the pow hikes or sled missions. Longer radius sidecut, beefed up flex and smooth riding B 45 Basalt construction make this a ski you can count on. Lucas loves the magestic purple mountains Ryan Schmies did for him.


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686 x Wonder Woman

In tandem with the release of Wonder Woman 1984, 686 and Warner Brothers have teamed up to create a female-centric line of outerwear within the Borderless Collection and a series of videos to celebrate and highlight the strong femininity on the 686 roster. 

Over the years we’ve noticed most of our riders, male and female, gravitate toward the men’s outerwear. Never dictating an individual’s style, we only encourage our athletes to be themselves. We have no requirements on what our riders wear and we don’t force what doesn’t resonate with them, only encourage what does. We have always listened to and respected our team’s point of view and are proud to support women pushing the envelope in personal style on the hill. This sentiment, along with our strong group of female riders, is what inspired us to create our Borderless Collection two years ago, and as we charge ahead in 2020, it is what guides us on this new collaboration with Wonder Woman.

“My goal was simple,” says Brent Sandor, VP of Marketing for 686. “Put together a phenomenal team of driven young women to create the project and, as a man, get out of their way to let them create and present the vision.” 

The first video in the 686 x Wonder Woman collaboration series stars 686 team rider, Emma Crosby. Shot and edited by Mia Lambson, photographed by Mary Walsh and put to the soundtrack of Lealani’s “Long Stroll,” this series is made up entirely of women. 

“It’s long overdue that snowboarding, in general, starts to recognize the women in it and recognize how strong and badass all these women are,” says Lambson. “I just honestly wanted to be a part of this collaboration no matter what because it’s kind of few and far in between that you see projects that are 100-percent featuring and created by women.” 

Going back to where it all started for Emma Crosby, the professional snowboarder invites us into her childhood home in Edina, Minnesota. Growing up on all 200 vertical feet of Hyland Hills Ski and Snowboard Area, it wasn’t the terrain that shaped Crosby into the athlete she is today—but her parent’s undying support and, subsequently, her own desire to just ride. 

“It’s cool because I didn’t think I had a story to tell but as we started filming, the story kind of unfolded and I realized, ‘oh I actually do,’” laughs Crosby. “Growing up, I just didn’t really know, I guess. Minnesota is so limited, you don’t really see the other half of snowboarding and skiing.”

Along with the four-part video series, 686 is launching three new outerwear pieces within the Borderless Collection with the goal of presenting two looks that play together. Both sport a track-suit design with the Wonder Woman emblem running down the length of the arms and legs. 

An inspired anorak jacket and track pant created in a 3-Layer 10K water- and windproof breathable softshell fabric comprise the first look. “686 didn’t fall into the feminine trap of making it super girly or fitted that a lot of brands default to when making women’s clothes,” says Lambson. “I can see both men and women wearing the black kit.”

For a more overstated look, 686 put together a flashy, gold, one-piece snowsuit out of our proprietary infiDRY 10K water and windproof fabric. The one-piece features the same Wonder Woman logo down the arms and legs, an asymmetrical front zipper and back zipper for easy bathroom breaks, and the liner dons ‘TRUTH, JUSTICE & EQUALITY’ in oversized letters. A message that not only symbolizes the female founding member of the Justice League but is also representative of the femininity that our team of snowboard and ski ladies embody in their choices of apparel, style and tricks.

“I’m excited. I hope that this collection will bring people into the outdoor space who wouldn’t have otherwise. I know there are diehard Wonder Woman fans out there, so it would be cool if just a couple people who love D.C. Comics or Wonder Woman buy the gear and get outside just because they love the movie,” says Crosby. “That would be super sweet.”

“Pretty much anyone can associate with being a Wonder Woman,” says Lambson. “There are so many super strong women in their own way, who have these superpowers you don’t usually think of. For Emma, her superpower is straight-up unwavering passion. That’s amazing, that’s not something everybody has.”

Words: Erin Spong
Photos: Mary Walsh
Video:  Mia Lambson
Rider: Emma Crosby

Box Serial Ep. 1

Jesse Burtner’s Box Serial web series kicks off with a trip to Obstruction Point, just a stones throw from where the Box Scratcher he’s riding was built at Mervin Mfg.

From Jesse:

June 26th, after 105 day break, Pika and I went snowboarding again. Zim, Stantech and Max Poops met us at Obstruction Point for a snow box session to get some presses on the Box Scratcher. It was so beautiful up there and so fun to be boarding again! We got a bunch of legendary pop ins like Chris Saari and some wind and rain but that didn’t stop us. Then we got hungry and that did stop us. Look for more Box Serial episodes coming at your face and come get a clip with us too 😊!

Pics: Tim Zimmerman

Jesse Burtner on the Lib Tech Box Scratcher
Jesse pressing out the Box Scratcher
Jesse Burtner 1 foot
Jesse with the hop scotch
Jesse Burtner with the Box Scratcher and Box Knife snowboards
Mind freak!

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