Love Winter? (of course you do!) Join the party at Subaru WinterFest!

Subaru Winterfest

WinterFest is a one-of-a-kind concert and mountain lifestyle tour featuring live music, Subaru swag, free snacks and beverages, daily giveaways, Lib Tech demos, dog activities and much more at some of the nation’s top resorts. Gather your crew, head to WinterFest, and make memories that last forever.

Subaru Winterfest Tour Dates

Look out for the new Libaru Subaru Outbacks at the Subaru WinterFest events and other consumer demos coming to your local hill this season. We’ll be on hand at all WinterFest stops to get you on your next dream board and take a couple laps with Lib Rippers.

Subaru Outback Libaru
Lib Tech Snowboards Subaru Libaru

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The Brandon Reis Skate Banana

Brandon Reis seems like a normal dude. Except for his insatiable thirst for snowboard stunts. And his super weird art. And his Instagram edits… actually he doesn’t seem normal at all! And that’s why he’s so awesome and so is his new Skate Banana!

Watch the video! Starring: Brandon Reis, Jesse Burtner, and Austen Sweetin.

Brandon Reis with his Lib Tech Skate Banana snowboard
Brandon Reis Skate Banana

We invited one of snowboarding’s most prolific freestyle rulers, Brandon Reis, to reimagine the vibe of the iconic Skate Banana. We gave him a blank canvas and free reign to unleash his Mona-Reisa drawings on his favorite all mountain board. And that he did. Brandon went full “kid brain” on it creating the most unique Skate Banana we’ve ever had, a new look at the board that turned snowboarding upside down by a guy who loves going upside down, perfect! Brandon rides his Banana everywhere, from The House of Reis (his backyard) to the variable slopes and parks of his native New Hampshire to Holy Bowly, Mt. Baker, the streets of Oslo and everywhere in between. The Skate Banana’s all terrain chassis is made even better now with that little extra kid brain vibe at work to enhance the everyday abnormally fun weirdness of snowboarding. So feel free to be free on Brandon’s freestyle Banana, after all he’s from New Hampshire where they “Live free or die” and always ride it weird!

Brandon Reis at the Bush Project
Brandon Reis with his Skate Banana by Lib Tech Snowboards
Brandon Reis at Mammoth Mountain, CA

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Austen Sweetin’s “Rooster Tail”

Austen Sweetin

New Year’s resolutions: 1 ride more pow, 2 launch off more stuff, 3 go faster… or combine 1 through 3 and just BE MORE LIKE SWEETIN! Austen and company drop a visceral backcountry freestyle assault on us with “Rooster Tail”, an 11 and ½ minute powder parade of high level ripping. Sweetin leads the pack like a psycho wombat runt who has been scratching, fighting and punching way above his weight class for years, clinging to the sides of peaks and endless pillow stacks relying on pure animal instinct and his Lib Tech Dynamo to survive. Sean Lucey follows close (and we do mean close) behind (beside or under) to capture the magic like never before. Get ready to rooooooost!

Austen Sweetin in Rooster Tail
Austen Sweetin with Lib Tech Dynamo Snowboard
Austen Sweetin and Blair Habenicht

Starring: Austen Sweetin, Blair Habenicht, Travis Rice, Chris Rasman, and Bryan Fox.

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BMBW in Greenberg

Suzy Greenberg the Movie

Scott Stevens’ opus of freestyle mania “Suzy Greenberg 270 The Movie” is here! Featuring a full (no spoilers) part from BMBW Team Metal Norwegian celeb Freddy Perry. He goes ALL IN for this one… bonkers. Not to mention we have Jesse Burtner’s 3 year’s of new clips and psycho Matteo, Phil, Reis and Max Warbington footage… the list goes on. The point being this vid SLAPS! Check it!

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Jesse, Reis, Matteo and Phil in Greenberg

Jessie Burtner in Suzy Greenberg the Movie for Lib Tech snowboards
Matteo Soltane in Suzy Greenberg the Movie
Suzy Greenberg the Movie

Scott Stevens’ opus of freestyle mania “Suzy Greenberg 270 The Movie” is here! Long time collaborator, Think Thanker, Lib Ripper and Mervin cubicle killer Jesse Burtner worked side by side with Scott on bringing this puppy (Australian Sheep Dog) to life. For three seasons they stacked off and on between injuries and life / work balance to do something neither Scott or Jesse had done before, not only create a multi year video but more importantly try and capture the essence of getting rad through the lens of one of the sport’s raddest; Scott Stevens. Jesse turns in another chapter of Box Scratching wizardy checking off some life goal tricks, some NBDs and a couple “young Burtner” moves as well with a major tip of the hat to where his life is now, family and fun. We get heavy cameo’s and parts from other Lib Rippers like Brandon Reis, Phil Hansen and young buck Matteo Soltane. All in all Greenberg delivers as the snowboard vid snowboarding needed ( or maybe the trampoline vid snowboarding needed ). A sigh of relief in a world of cool. No posturing just trying hard, spazzing out, laughing, slamming, landing… repeat. Suzy Greenberg 270 the Movie has landed.

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Travis Rice’s DARK MATTER teaser

Travis Rice Dark Matter movie teaser

Travis Rice takes his Orca to AK and treats some next level Tord lines like they’re whale blubber in his all new DARK MATTER movie. Peep the teaser below.

World-renowned snowboarders Travis Rice and Elias Elhardt team up with legendary director Curt Morgan for a celebration of space and time during incredibly unique conditions, at the Tordrillo Mountain Lodge in the remote Alaskan backcountry.

Available this Christmas 2019 on Amazon Prime, iTunes and Vimeo on Demand.

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