Check-In with Fancy Rutherford at Ms. Superpark

Tahoe-based 686 team rider, Fancy Rutherford has spent her season chasing snow while filming for the highly anticipated second offering of The Uninvited crew. A dry spell in Tahoe led her to road trip to Colorado for SNOWBOARDER Magazine’s all-women’s park shoot, Ms. Superpark. We caught up with Fancy at Eldora Mountain for a few minutes in between laps on the jumpline.

 What’s been going on the past couple of days?

We’re out here at Ms. Superpark at Eldora Mountain—Eldora Woodward and it’s so sick. It’s an awesome group of chicks and the park is really fun, from the jibs to the awesome halfpipe they set up, and the jumpline, too.

Have you been to Eldora before?

This is my first time to Eldora. I’m really backing it—the sunshine and their awesome park. 

What are the features you’ve been stoked on in Ms. Superpark set up?

I’ve been super stoked on the halfpipe. It’s a modified halfpipe, so the sides vary in size. It’s really been fun for handplanting, Eurocarving, and just kind of really getting creative.

 There’s only a handful of big events that bring women together to ride every year. What makes you want to come to an event like this?

Events like this are really what I look forward to the most during the season. It’s like when we are doing the BTBounds camps, we’re so hyped seeing other women progressing. It really pushes everyone’s riding. Coming together with women at this caliber of riding, I feel like it’s really a similar vibe and it really like pushes us to that next level.

You and your husband road tripped out here with your pups, right?

Heck yeah! Me and my husband/photographer, Kieth made the fifteen-hour road trip out here with Piper and Shelby, our two dogs, and they’ve been rallying and having a good time.

What kind of dogs are they?

We have an Australian Shepard and a Lhasa-peki-tzu. We’re calling this Ms. Superbark.

What do the dogs do in the car when you’re road-tripping?

They have bones that they can chew on and stuffed animals to murder, so that’s really fun for them. And then here, they’re just walking in the parking lot and making new friends, trying to convince people to feed them their sandwiches or chips.

One of the things about Colorado this time of year in early March is that conditions can be variable and we’ve had really good weather, but it was a bit windy. Can you give us a look into your 686 kit that’s been keeping you comfy while boarding?

I’m wearing my brand new 686 GLCR Bibs (dropping next season) and they are so key for an event like this. It’s been windy in the morning and they keep you protected from the wind. Then when it does soften up and get slushy and you’re Eurocarving, doing handplants, falling, etc., it keeps the snow out of your pants. And 686 mitts—they’re breathable—absolutely must-have.

Where are you off to next?

When Kieth and I hit the road we met up with Riley Elliott, one of my 686 teammates, Taylor’s triplet sisters and we’re going to go on a little street mission on the way home, filming for The Uninvited.


Photos by Mary Walsh (@walshmt) and Kiether Rutherford (@kieth78)