Dylan and Denver for BMBW!

We are thrilled to officially announce Dylan Okurowski and Denver Orr to the Bent Metal Binding Works team. These guys have been on a scorched slopes campaign for a few years now working their way coast to coast from The Project to The Launch to Super Park to Holy Bowly to HCSC, dominating your IG feed and landing jaw droppers in edits the whole time. Videographer Kyle Murray caught some A-grades this summer at High Cascade where Dylan and Denver worked as diggers and put it together in to this sick little clip.

Denver Orr

Denver Orr for Bent Metal Bindings

Rails, jumps, pow, park, rocks, logs, walls, whatever… Denver can ride it all with ease and the style of seasoned pro. Makes sense, he comes from Lake Tahoe, where he learned by charging through anything that got in his way. Humble, mellow and an absolute ruler with a classic shred style, that’s a lethal combo. Keep both eyes peeled because Denver is just getting going.

Dylan Okurowski

Dylan Okurowski for Bent Metal Bindings

Rumor has it, Dylan has a bs 1440 tail grab that can make heads turn, but only few have actually witnessed it. Hailing from the East and residing in Salt Lake City, there’s nothing this kid can’t ride. Dylan brings a whole new level of style and creativity to snowboarding that leaves the rest of us picking our jaws up from the floor. Remember this name because he is just getting started and is on the path to be one of the greats.

This certified bad boy club rides the BMBW Logic, BMBW Transfer and BMBW Joint

BMBW Logic

BMBW Transfer

BMBW Joint

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