Magne-Traction® The Movie

Magne-Traction the Movie
Mike King by Tim Zimmerman

Lib Tech Ski presents “Magne-Traction® The Movie”

Is it a mini full length movie or a long edit? We don’t know. But we do know it rips, because our team rips. Lucas Wachs, Mike King, Blaine Gallivan, Dominik Wilfling, Christoph Kaar, Simon Grissemann, Jon Marks and Adam Ü are all in here throwing down from Baldface to Baker to Bachelor… that’s all the Bs.

Lucas Wachs at Baldface
Lucas engulfed in the good times at Baldface

We also got a chance to ski at Stellar Heli, amazing place, Lucas and Mike went off there, most of this movie is at Stellar, like all the insane pillows and huge chutes and stuff. And there’s some summer Timberline action, gotta hit Hood and our Euro squad at Absolute park and Blaine in Jackson Hole (insane shots) and actually some Japan clips… damn we got out there for this!

Jon Marks at Timberline Pro Park
Jon Marks putting on a clinic at Timberline Pro Park

Sean Lucey filmed almost all of it with some key clips coming from around the globe and he edited it as well. Nice work Luce! A few vegetables WERE harmed in the making of this film. The music is by a great band from Seattle called Kinski. The songs in here are “New India” and “Newport”. They have a bunch of great albums, you should dig in. Speaking of digging in our skis have Magne-Traction® serrated steak knife technology. Don’t want to bore you with the details here but suffice it to say it carves super good and gives you more confidence and makes a wide ski feel narrower on hard pack and we are the only ski brand doing it…we invented it. More on “Mag” and “made in the USA” and “Zero Hazardous Waste” and “all that” here.

Magne-Traction® is great, tech is great, our story is real and we are proud of it, but for now, for this movie, we invite you to just enjoy some skiers skiing in beautiful terrain, on beautiful skis, filmed… beautifully! And thank you for watching our video, hope it inspires you to get out there a bunch this winter. Remember, keep your tips up and kooks have more fun!

All pics by Tim Zimmerman:

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