Mike King’s “Feast or Famine”

Water is a theme that runs through the tapestry of every skier’s story, Mike King even more than most. From his family’s reliance on fresh clean water for their King Orchards cherry farm to his passions in waves and mountains. Mike follows the ebb and flow of Mother Nature as he migrates from farm labor to Great Lakes waves in to his adventure mobile to the British Columbia peaks chasing the life of a professional skier farming for A-grade clips. Every step of the way is equally dependent on fresh water, it can be feast or famine, which makes it even more important to be responsible stewards of shared resources. In this video piece Mike examines the different hemispheres of his life and how they are all equally effected by environmental impact and political action. Plus… there’s a bunch of ripping!

Mike King for Lib Tech Ski
Mike frothing hard!
Mike King surfing Great Lakes
Great Lakes stoke
Mike King for Lib Tech surfboards
Mike King Great Lakes barrel!

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