Stay at Home Lib Tech Blank Giveaway!

No shredding got you down? Maybe this is the time to become a master shaper! Join up with the Lib experiMENTAL division and create your own dream board from the comfort of your home with the Lib Tech Blank. To get you started we’re giving away 3 Lib Tech Blanks; 1 in North America, 1 in Europe and 1 in Japan.

Matt Cummins shaping a Lib Tech Blank snowboard

The Lib Tech Blank is the canvas Matt Cummins has used for years to come up with his newest shapes. Classic MC’s like the Wayfinder, Coho and Nootka all migrated from napkin drawings to Lib Tech Blank cut outs and eventually on to the factory floor. Check out MC’s process with plenty of pointers to help you out.

Master shaper Gou M.

Master shaper Gou M. and his Lib Tech Blank snowboard

Gouichi Minami is a die hard snowboarder and true master of the Lib Tech Blank. His shaping is an art form creating shred-able one of a kind sculptures. Check out more of his creations at and follow him on Instagram @gou.m

Gou Gallery:

In case you don’t win… we have a few left in inventory.

Lib Tech Blank Snowboard

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