“Sweet, salty, sour, spicy and Rasman. The Manboys “Umami (The Fifth Flavor)” was just plated this weekend and hit’s the taste buds with a fireworks display of tantalizing backcountry flavors. Start with a heavy helping of Chris Rasman maxxxing out kickers, cliffs and muscling lines with his text book power stance, power moves and power smile then you add in a few pinches of beard with some A-grade organic E-jack antics, keep the portions right, make sure it’s delicious riding but not an overstimulating brain bomb then balance the whole thing out with some classic Canuck style “maybe we’re clubbing maybe we’re in the mountains thinking about clubbing” shred tunes and you’ve got a whole new flavor….Umami! It doesn’t make sense! Like a donut burger, just eat it, it’s delicious!

Chris Rasman Snowboarding on Pro Snowboard Model T.Ras
Chris Rasman

Snowboards featured in Umami (The Fifth Flavor)

Ejack Knife

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